Getting better everyday fish oil and multivitamin plus exercise and healthy eating

I have to share the new multivitamins I'm taking and I feel so much better. I sleep at night and my RLS is in control with my dose of .75 mg of extended release Meripex. I'm so excited about this. The multivitamin I'm taking daily is Earths Blend One daily superfood multivitamin no iron brand is Paradise Orac -Energy. The other is RxOmega-3 fish oil. I watch my diet and I try not to eat heavy for dinner and I feel so much better. I have RLS in my legs at times but it goes away easier and not as bad. My arms are not bothering me at all . I will try to go down to.50 now in Extended Release Meripex with this new healthy diet and my Muti Vitamin and exercise everyday. I'm so excited I have to share. I have even lost almost 10 pounds. I don't mind taking the extended release Meripex I just want to get my dose as low as possible work this with diet and exercise and vitamins. If this takes me 2 years to get as low as possible on my Meripex I will do that and take my time. This is working for me and I have had RLS all my life and to not have as many attacks is amazing. In the past week I have had at least 30 mins of my legs bothering me and it goes away fast. My arms not at all it's great! :). This group is great!!

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  • That's great news Artsy,

    Long may it continue for you and thanks for sharing.

    J 🍀

  • Thank you for sharing Artsy.

    You must be feeling in much more control of your life with RLS which is a huge positive. Good on you. As you say, take it slow and long may the wait be worthwhile. :)

  • I am so pleased that you have found relief and long may it continue! May I ask what class of drug Meripex is? x

  • Jumpey Mirapex (Pramipexole) is a dopamine agonist x

  • Cheers.x

  • It's Pramipexole its generic I like the extended release in it works the best you don't have as many side effects as the regular one. :)

  • Ta.x

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