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Restless Legs Syndrome
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CBD Rich topicals against pain

read this review first :

I use this for restless leg syndrome (RLS), INSTANT relief!! The tingling sensations are gone within in seconds and the need to kick or move my leg is gone within a few minutes. I gave some to my mom to use for her arthritis in her hand, she had movement in her fingers (normally frozen in place) in minutes and pain was almost completely gone, just some deep rooted pain left but it definitely received relief. My son used it for his sclerosis in his back, and on;ly pain relief salve that takes the pain away! I have also used it on my face for an age spot and it is now 2 shades lighter after a month of daily use! I LOVE THIS SALVE!!!! Sad that Dixie has decided to only sell it recreationally, I refuse to pay recreational prices when I have my med card. :-( Product is 5+ stars, deducted a half star because it isn't sold medically anymore.

more information on the issue :


I dream everybody live and leave painlessly

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You are very pleased with some product but refrain from saying it is marijuana. How strange. This is not good for your credibility.


Thank you for reminding the necessity of keeping the goodness of my credibility.

CBD healing cream has no THC ( the component that make you high when you smoke THC rich marijuana ) in it . Secondly we do not smoke marijuana we use an effective ointment to relief our pain.

Marijuana has its own story which is not the issue here.


Not available in Ireland. 😢



It is not available around Tehran either. UK is running a big industry of medical marijuana these days


Been an RLS sufferer my whole life

My cocktail of choice for RLS is 3-50 milligram Tramadol along with 5-1 milligram requip per day works like a charm. Now granted this has taken me a few years to figure out the right dosage at the right time. Now I take the Tramadol at 8 a.m. 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. and requip is one at 8am, one at 2pm, 1 at 5pm, and 2 at 10pm. Marijuana has been known to help but not solve the problem of RLS. I know because I have tried and still do on occasion.

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I suggest along your routine meds you try the natures best CBD cream on your feet and please do not mix it up with smoking marijuana of any kind. Thanks


Are you in the UK? I live in the USA, can I get that here? I'll try anything. Someone once posted about magnesium oil and though it doesn't really take the pain away it does give you great comfort. It also stops the tingling sensation if I start RLS before my meds kick in, so I tried it on my husbands feet, he has very painful neuropathy from his diabetes, and now he swears by the oil. I REALLY want to try this salve. Thanks for the info.


I live in Iran, If you live in USA, then you would have no problem of getting one on your door.

The product has no THC and it is free ( not money wise ) to order in all 50 states of USA



rahim50, It sounds like you've done some research - are there particular strains and/or methods of delivery that work best for RLS treatment? After over a quarter century of suffering with RLS, going through countless Rx drugs (and either not being able to tolerate them, or augmenting after a period of time), my physician finally put me on low doses of methadone, taken 2X per day. It works very well to stop the symptoms, but comes with a long list of unpleasant side effects.

I can't live with all the anxiety, irritability, itching, loss of appetite, insomnia (even though I also take klonopin), depression, etc. Cannabis relieves a lot of these symptoms. I would love to get off the methadone, or use less of it, if I could find a natural alternative that would stop the RLS symptoms completely.

My new physician ( the original prescribing doctor no longer has a clinic or sees patients) has ignored my repeated complaints about them, so I'm taking my own steps to counter the side effects. Cannabis is effective in counteracting the worst of the side effects, but I would like to find the best strain(s) and stick with just one. Is there a preferred method of treatment, i.e. edibles, topical, vaping, smoking?


Dear Arksoto

I don,t suffer RLS but I do suffer from feet burning caused by neuropathy.

meds have not helped me much so far, I have studied regarding on how I can relief my pain so I could go to sleep.

you are right about choosing a right strain suiting your case as an individual, this is true if you choose to smoke, but if you choose using edibles, then you have to trust companies making them, some of them may not be truthful with us though.

For smoking Lucy strain is high CBD strain with no side effect ( THC and CBD over 10% each ) leafly.com/hybrid/lucy

Dance world strain could be one of the safe and effective choices. with higher CBD and lower THC which gives you totally body relief with less high in head . leafly.com/sativa/dance-world

Least side effects comes with topicals ( cream, oil, spray etc. ) . CBD has healing effects on skin according to literature, it,s penetration through skin is one factor that should be considered. leafly.com/products/details... naturesbestcbd.com/

I hope this could help


Thanks, rahim50, I'll check out the links. I have been told that the Indica only (no sativa), the purer the better would be the most effective, but if I can try the ones you suggest, I will.


Dear Arksoto

Since this conversation may be going into more private matters, I would be happy to help you in contacting me at



I sent an email to you, but it was returned as an invalid email address. mine is becksandy2@gmail.com


Dear Arksoto

I googled RLS and Medical marijuana today and I found good sources useful for those having RLS.

1- It would be wise to read Dr, Frankel's findings at Greenbridge Medical and study RLS cases or ask him technical questions.


2- Please read this article carefully at Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation Blog, this could help a lot.


Wish the best of your Health


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