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hello ... can anyone tell me were I can get the rls uk medical card from as I'm going on holiday soon and the seats on the plane have separated me and my husband and I have severe rls legs for now 12 years and need him next to me as I move around a lot and he understands why so I was hoping the airline will put us next to each other if I show them the card that was on here .Thank you x

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  • Hi Bettyboop45

    The card is available to members of RLS-UK. To become a member, please visit rls-uk.org from where you can download and complete a membership form.

    Thank you

  • Would it be possible to contact the airlines and ask for an aisle seat? Failing that ask the people around you on the plane.

    On my last flight my kids were separated from us, (6/7 years old kids looking very worried sitting beside huge strangers!) and we had asked to get them beside one of us parents but the people swapped to allow us all to sit together, there are still good people out there! Unfortunately on that flight we had bad turbulence and I had to remain in my seat for most of the journey which was close to torture.

    If you are not adverse to drugs take all you can before the flight - I take all my drugs and add in some extra maybe even a sleeping tablet - I don't always get an easy flight but it is easier!

    Good luck and I hope its not long haul safe travels and enjoy your trip.

  • The Quicker way if you are short of time would be to get a letter signed by you doctor

  • Hi Bettyboop - I arrange for aisle seats, as well I try and have a bag I can rest my feet on (I have short legs too!!). I then stretch gently. I find just rolling my ankles is a huge help when travelling - or just sitting for any length of time.

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