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I've been dead against taking any antidepressants because I know they can make the RLS worse. I did try Prozac many years ago. It made the RLS so much worse and it's never gone back to how it was before. I'm having some personal problems at the moment and I've had to go to Occupational health through work. The doctor there is very keen for me to see a neurologist who will hopefully be able to prescribe an antidepressant that will not exacerbate the RLS. If I don't follow the directions of this Doctor then I won't get paid while I'm off. I don't trust even a consultant to know the right ones. They're so sure of themselves but it's not as if they have to suffer the consequences.

Can anyone tell me the name of any antidepressants that they are sure don't make it worse.

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Wellbutrin will not make it worse and may actually help as it acts on the dopamine system but is not available in the UK.Trazadone will not make it worse.Mirtazapine may make it worse for some people (i am ok with it)...Pipps x

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HI, I take 1mg Citalopram (am weaning off), and I don't believe this drug has ever had any underlying effects on my RLS. Good luck. x


Look at the treatment page on this website it lists all the anti-depressants and state two that are RLS friendly that pippins has said. Unless you are in the UK where Welbutrin is not used as a anti-d.




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