Restless Legs Syndrome
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hi pippins not been in touch for sometime!! just wondering how things are with you now are you able to park your [butt] now or still using your cushion ?? as to Freddie has he got over his recent problems?? I felt for beady and her holiday I bet the first things she will pack for her September one will be her patches am off to LOOE for a few days next week MONDAY to FRIDAY have one night at home then up to the WEST MIDLANDS to visit my WIFES mam its her 100th b/day so its a family get together were staying up for a couple of nights then back home will need another holiday to get over m/way lag !!! well pips think that's about it for now take care STANx.

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Hi Stan i will message you tomorrow with all my news.If you click onto my name you can send a message to me which is not on the public page if the post is general chat and not RLS related.Take care ..Pipps x

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