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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Last night my rls was awful settled abou 5.30 so not a lot of sleep we started our hols today so instead of leaving at 9.00we left at 12.00, when we got here guess what I hadn't got my patches I had brought all my Tramodol ,so I am going to take 2 Tramodol a night and hope ,will ring my friend tomorrow and see if she will go into our house and find patches and post to me ,be funny if the Tramodol worked on there own,

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Oh dear Beady! ! I hope taking the 2 Tramadol works for you and you are able to enjoy your holiday .Pippins2 x

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Im sorry u forgot ur patches...i had a holiday recently and had all my meds but suffered greatly the whole time...i hope u are able to enjoy urself...


Hopefully the Tramadol works & you can enjoy your holiday! Maybe it will act like a mini drug holiday & the patches will be more effective when you get back!


Hi Beady, if you are holidaying in the uk you can go to any GP and explain what's happened, they can contact your GP to confirm your prescription and then can issue you with a new prescription to take to a chemist wherever you are.

Or, If you have a copy of your prescription from your own GP with you you can even ask for help at a chemists, who can also telephone your own GP and will give you a few days supply to go on with.

I hope you can get some help, I know 2 Tramadol will work for you but I worry as I remember you have said in the past how sleepy they make you the next day.

Best wishes to you, Geri


Thank Geri I didn't know about the docs ,yes I have had 2 Tramodol and Paracitamol but last night was very painful with no sleep ,anyway have just had an hour, only tonight to go,my son wanted to bring me some patches here it's a 3 hour drive thank goodness I put him of, the friend has posted them so they should be here tomorrow, hope you are ok x


hi beady not a very nice start to your holiday hope you get your patches soon then enjoy are you in south devon??? we had our hols in Dawlish anyway enjoy best you can STANx.


Yes I'm not to bad at the moment thanks :)

I'm happy you will get some relief soon !! As an NHS patient you can attend any NHS doctor in the UK as an emergency patient. They may not be too happy about it - but tough that's the rules !!

I would also advise taking a copy of any prescription you have (a photocopy will do) whenever you go away.

Have a lovely holiday :)

Best wishes, Geri


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