Well folks I went to the docs today with the powder and he said be very careful as you start with small does then you have to up it and up it like we do our tabs and who knows how much you are taking ,I paid £40.00 for my Mucana how long would that last then you order more . He also said in some of our meds for rls it's already in it, also he was worried about halusinations ,after a super chat I came away with Gabapentin and will stop Tramodol ,so that's it I will not be taking it and yet again will see how it goes give it a week and ring him

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  • I wonder is he likening it to the dopamine agonist family of drugs? On the packet I have it states that 'the plant contains high levels of L-Dopa, the immediate precursor of the dopamine neurotransmitter ...'

    This suggests to me that it is likely to operate like any other dopamine agonist - though probably at a lower dose than prescription d/as. Given this, I would have thought there was a reasonable prospect of augmentation - though possibly somewhat mitigated by the fact that it is a low dose.

    Needless to say if it did cause augmentation, your doctor is quite correct and the body would require more and more of it to gain relief. It might be worth keeping for an occasional treatment to boost other drugs when they don't quite cut the mustard.

  • I don't think I will be topping up with it as How much would you take

  • I am glad to hear that you are not going to take the mucana Beady. One has to be careful when they see a herb or anything else natural posted on here, and do their homework then weigh up if its for you. Herbal can have side effects, just like any other med.

  • Yes it works the same as our drugs but as I said the full does they recommend my doc wouldn't give to anyone with bad Parkinson ,also it could be costing you fortune as my small bag was £40.00

  • Beady the Gabapentin takes time to build up in your system, which can be a few weeks. so dont expect any benefit yet.

  • oH Elisse what a shame I was expecting a good night tonight ,thank you all for,do you think they are better than Tramodol

  • Beady as Elisse says Gabapentin does take time to build up to full strength. Everyone has a different response some find Gabapentin fantastic others find it useless. I got right up to 3 thousand 600 mg a day and it didn't help one jot. Others say it works like magic so like most things in RLS world you can only try it. Tramadol works for some but not for others so can't say one better than the other just different types of meds. Good luck

    Pippins2 x

  • His advice is good, Beady. Start out small to see what you can tolerate. It sounds like you will be going the drug route for a while. I wish you the very best.

  • Good luck beady, hopefully you will fall into the category of those for whom gabapentin works wonders. If it is not 100% successful you could also consider combining it with an opiate so that you could maybe take a lower dose of both with each working on the legs in a different way.

  • Thanks for reply,I am feeling so sad and empty at the minute,and my legs going mad every night only makes it worse,if only I could get one nights sleep I could cope with the day better ,I do hope theese tabs work ,

  • I really feel for you, Beady. You describe the bad times perfectly - It can feel so empty and hopeless. I know you have struggled a lot. But everyone on here is rooting for you. There will be a regime for you. You will get sleep again - keep the faith. You clearly have great resilience.

    I recently discovered the surprising power of keeping a gratitude journal - writing down three or four things that you are grateful for that happened today. It surprised me to find that there was always something and it somehow transforms how you see things. Only I am so lazy I do it inside my head rather than writing the things down.

  • Well you could say I am pleased about a lot of things each day but the one thing I have lost has gone ,nice to chat I miss him saying good night xx

  • Beady i am so sorry for your loss. hugs. x

  • hi beady am i to take it you are referring to MIKE ?? how are you getting on ive no doubt its going to be strange for sometime but your DAUGHTER/DAUGHTER-IN-LAW will be there for you---feel free to get in touch anytime if you need someone to have a natter with!!!were all inihere [your rls friends] --so chin-up my friend will be in touch again soon STANx.

  • Beady remember that you can contact me anytime my friend. Thinking of you at this very difficult time

    Pipps x

  • Hoping for a good night for you tonight, Beady

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