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Hi just wondering if anyone got their ESA because of RLS and all the other problems that goes with it obviously this post only applies to anyone within the UK darn forms goes on and on they've changed some of the questions and now changed it saying you can't send anything printed off the internet which I did last time seeing not many dr's,nurses know about RLS . Thank you in advance x

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  • I imagine you should - the add on insomnia, fatigue and depression can be very debilitating. If you are up struggling to sleep or even just rest for whatever amount of hours a night how can you function.

    I am currently retired on ill-health but not primarily due to RLS but I can tell you if I hadn't it I would be able to manage the other conditions. Prior to this I had been struggling at work due to the RLS - functioning at a lower level than previous with a resulting lack of home life due to the fatigue. Had it gone on much longer I would have had to look out due solely to the RLS.

    There are some of us having success with benefits and RLS:

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • I am having a medical next Friday as I have applied for ESA follow my recent spinal surgery. I did put RLS down as one of my conditions but as I have 8 blooming conditions I don't know how much importance they will attach to my RLS although at times it is severe. I am absolutely dreading, medical, never applied for this before so I have no clue if I will get it or not, probably not as they seem to constantly move the goalposts to try to get people off these sort of things. I shall see. From what others have told me about how difficult it is to get any type of sickness /disability benefit I would be suprised if they allowed it for RLS but you can try for nothing. Think your head basically needs to be hanging off these days to qualify. Good luck with it. ..Pippins2 x

  • Good luck to you hope everything goes well for you please keep us up to date x I have replied to both you and raffs below thought save time lol , I don't think they'd do it souly on rls but its what comes with it I guess ... but as we all know they keep changing the rules gggrr I guess all we can do is write everything down and do a sleep diary and how we feel , anyway good luck keep me fingers cross for you xx

  • Hi raffs and Pippins2 I applied for ESA bout 3 yrs ago when they took me off income support change over to ESA I won and was put in work group then couple yr back was put in work group again even they thought at the work group didn't think I should be there and so I asked for a MR (mandatory reconsideration) and then put into support group I have RLS ,fibro,hearing impaired,IBS and depression due to lack of sleep and everything else was put into support group for mental illness (depression) damn form changed last time I was able to send print out about RLS seeing not many know about it but on form this time it states not to send any print out hmm... as anyone knows these forms ask same questions over again but in different way designed to trip anyone up .

    last time I got my dr ask for home visit didn't see anyone they said they did it from notes and a nurse assessed me from what I've read anyone seeing a neuro are suppose to be assessed by a doctor ,

    cheers Raffs i'll remember to put them points on my form I do suffer with insomnia and fatigue and as said depression I've kept a sleep diary hopefully they'll read that too. I've even put in diary about how I find it hard to keep awake between 4pm and 8pm nodding off while eating ,ironing etc! anything that slow pace that doesn't require concentration lol I too have back problems and a trapped nerve in my neck that's causing problems with my right arm and shoulder . wish I could find someone that knows how to fill in these forms :/ properly .

    Thank you raffs think I need all the luck no way could I work with all the lack of sleep lucky if I get couple hours lol xx

  • As a thought, maybe the C.A.B could help with the form filling. ? As its work related and benefit related.

  • C.A.B won't be much help im wanting someone that actually knows what RLS is and everything that goes with it besides the C.A.B where I live only two people that works there time I've made an appointment could take couple months see someone I've got until the 14th fill it in :( I want to be in the support groups which is what im in now was in WRAG think they get fed-up with me im not great with people that don't get me nor people that try to control me . im wanting human welfare something or other help me fill it in can't remember name of them ggrrr

  • If they do not give you esa appeal straight away I think it was 60% of people denied it won there appeals the appeal board are very good at there jobs and understanding and do listen good luck

  • thing with appeal it means going to court something i'd never do have enough problems going shopping lol going somewhere im unfamiliar with I freak out :o( now I hear that DWP now send someone to fight the case for them because so many people were winning appeals .

  • would or could anyone tell me what ESA is and what it stands for??? any info welcome!!.

  • Stan

    ESA stands for employment and support allowance, the benefit which has replaced incapacity benefit. ESA is a much harder benefit to claim than incapacity benefit, primarily because the medical test – the work capability assessment - is very much harsher.

  • cheers KAARINA for the onfo being retired its of use to me but many thanks anyway.

  • hi gypsy49 I have left a post about ESA asking what it is and what ESA stands for?? as you have a post now on would you kindly inform me thanks in advance

  • Hi Stan are you in the UK ?

  • yes gypsy49 I live in SOUTH WALES am not WELSH from the WEST MIDLANDS born and bred moved to WALES 43yrs ago

  • Esa is employment support allowance it means you go in a support group instead of going to job centre to sign on every week or fortnight they usually only want to see you monthly for a few months then leave you alone no more going to doctor for sick notes I lasted about 2-3 mins before I totally freaked out due to anxiety and it gives you a little extra money which I use for taxis mostly as I can't go on a bus I get the same driver sent to me too which is a great help

  • ESA support group or WRAG if in support group they leave you alone till you get called in for reassessement and the whole process starts again ..... if in WRAG then you have to go to see work coach every month ggrr try help you start getting back into work within a year . it's all the re-assessments that's a pain in butt sitting on tender hooks waiting for that brown envelope it all causes stress which we all know makes RLS worst ggrr

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