Restless Legs Syndrome
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my results with n/patches

hi pippins hope things are getting back to normal!! I said a little while ago I would leave you know I got on with the patches!! well after you said that I shouldn't be taking the pramipexole and patch together I stopped the tabs and then tried the patch only I found my RLS got worse!! so I doubled up still no joy!! my legs were terrible both day/ night have gone back to prami they are settling down now I think I may give it a week or so then try the patches again!! but my gut feeling is they don't suit me?? will get back to let you know which way I go so until then you take care give Freddie a cuddle from me STAN.xx

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Hello Stan, well it seems that the patches aren't for you then, which is a shame because they work really well for me but that is RLS for you. It has to be the most contrary condition ever, what works like magic for one doesn't do a thing for another. Seems like the Pramipexole works better for you. Freddie is doing great now thank goodness I gave him an extra cuddle from you. Take care. ..Pipps x


snap I couldn't use the patches they sent my RLS wild into overdrive fine for 2 weeks then all hell broke loose I didn't sleep for 5nights solid stopped using them took couple weeks get out my system properly , at the moment watching my calf muscle is like watching a woman that's expecting a baby muscles moving about ggrrr weird to watch lol hope you find something that works for you and you get some peace


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