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not sure if I have RLS or just fidgety - what do you reckon


I've just been doing some googling as my sleep is a nightmare again at the moment and I am not sure whether what I am experiencing relates to this condition or whether I am just fidgety in general. Have had this on and off for years and seems particularly bad at the mo. I don't get any pain but I get a weird sensation (can't describe it well sorry) in my arms and legs that mean I 'have' to move and stretch a lot and can't get comfortable. Happen a lot when trying to get to sleep (however tired I am) and if sitting in the same seat for long periods of time. I've recently had a depression & anxiety breakdown and am on venefalaxin, Lithium and quetiapine.......the sensation is not worse on these (although pretty frequent at the moment) but I guess because of where I am in my head at the moment I am worrying because I am desperate for a decent sleep. Before I see my consultant again I thought I'd ask the opinions of sufferers to see if this might be related to RLS? Any advice much appreciated

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Hi Sadfan

If I were you, I would speak to your GP. I too have RLS and it happens every time I go to bed, no matter what time of the day. My legs just seem to automatically stretch out and go from side to side, when I lay on my side and they will then go up to my chest (in a fetal position) then they straighten out again. It is really annoying and I try not to focus to much on it and let my mind think of other things until I am asleep. It sounds to me very much like you do have it though. I also get frigidity legs that shake when I am sat down. Good luck hun x

cicek in reply to cuddles64

Sounds like RLS to me too. Unfortunately there are no tests which definitely confirm this and as you will see from others on this forum, different meds suit different people. You will need an understanding doctor who can prescribed you meds and hopefully get it right. Good luck to you.

It defiantly sounds like rls...I would speak to your doctor. I've had this and found that quinine tablets really help not that it works for everyone but worth a try. Hope it works out for you xx

Cuddles my legs have to shake or else I will start having to turn from side to

side all night long. I sleep fine during the day. I take 20-40 minute naps on break

at work. When my lunch hour comes, I have no choice but to sleep or I will

sleep on the job. I keep my knee bouncing just a tad while I am working. Sleep

time that is as fussy as sadfan's is probably rls. I hope that it gets better.

If you can get an appointment with an neurologist they will determine if it is RLS. Really the only they can do it is by ruling out all other movement disorders. It sure as heck sounds to me like RLS. There are a number of drugs out there to help. Good luck!

Sounds just like it to me. I have had it all my life, on and off, but managed to stay off medication until I was 64-65-ish. It then got so bad I had to start ropinirole, but as you can probably tell from the various discussions on this forum, medication has many drawbacks and isn't a permanent fix. Stay off them as long as you can. An exercise bike might help. If it isn't a noisy one you can use it in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone else.


It sounds like RLS to me too.... Here is a link which explains more about RLS.

I agree with everyone...but try to use all the less drastic methods first before resorting to the awful drugs that many of us use now. I mean, (and others will add to this) get blood levels checked, try magnesium, best as epsom salts in the bath, even vitamin d helps if low from not getting enough sun, some find gluten a trigger and eating too late in the evening. Occasionally codeine and/or paracetamol helps, bath before bed, excercise is best in the morning and wind down in the evening as a destress attempt. Good luck

Hi Sadfad, do you take exercise in the evening ? A weird Q you might think but RLS is definitely made worse if you are into long walks, gym work etc before going to bed. That was how I discovered I was a sufferer. My leg movements in bed were way worse on the night I went to the gym. However the best and most reliable way to check if you are a sufferer is to have a sleep study done ( Polysomnography) . At least that would give you peace of mind rather than trying more drugs which might not be necessary. Good luck

I think like everyone that that this is RLS. I have been prescribed ropinerole for it but I have not started them yet because, I can cope with taking paracetamols or 1 cocodamol and 1 paracetamol. With this, I can normally fall asleep. Maybe you should give it a try? I can normally can tell when it's gonna start, so I take paracetamols immediately before it gets really bad.

Thanks everyone......I will have a chat with my GP but I'll try the paracetamol option as well short term

certain meds, do interfere with RLS medicine .As I discovered when taking Floxetene. RLS. is something you can't control in my case it's my legs they jump involuntary and the only way to control them is to keep moving It's awfull. Watching TV standing up, can't sit down for long and bed is a nightmare!!!!! Hope you get help soon.

i am totally new to all this, but what you are describing is the same for me. i just cant keep still in bed. i have found panadol helps a little, but mostly i read. it seems to distract me and i actually fall asleep. sounds very weird but sex before bed time just makes it all so much worse, so wonder if it is hormonal. hope this helps.

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