Restless Legs Syndrome
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Sleep Medicine Clinic?

Does anyone have any experience with seeing a doctor who specializes in sleep medicine rather than neurology? Is there any advantage? I was so disappointed with the rude, cold, and uncaring neurologist to whom I was referred by my GP, so I've decided to go this route instead. My appointment is July 1, and I am very hopeful that this will work out better :/

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Hi. Yes i am seeing a sleep specialist, she gave me wnat they call a sleep window where i had to go to bed at 1am get up at 6am, had a second appointment were she told me to extend my sleep pattern by 15 mins per week till i get to the required amout of hours i need to not feel so tired in the day, not working at the moment. She also gave me a phone no to call to go for cognitive behavioural therapy. Neve been to a neurologist to compare whitch is best, have,nt seen a therapist yet so don,t rearly no thats going to work either

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I went to the London Sleep clinic so that could actually see how BAD my RLS is, but nothing they could do. Is a sleep specialist different? I have had CBT for depression, so do let me know if you try this for your RLS. Good luck x


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