Restless Legs Syndrome
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Where am I with RLS

I have had RLS since about 18 (I am now 55) and its has got worse, I was prescribed Ropinerol (which didn't work) and I have now been take Pramipexole for about 8 years (2 x .125 mg/day). Recently, its started to get worse and i have on occasions taken another tablet to get a good nights sleep. It does work but I am sure its the slippery slope also it makes you feel down.

Now I have met you good people, watched Augmentation videos and read about Pramipexole it would seem the only thing to do is get off it.

Has anyone successfully taken it for a long period of time without augmentation or massively upping the dose?

Then if I do get off it, I can't begin to think about how I might get any sleep.

What's the alternative? I have tried homeopathy, magnesium. Reflexology?

Best, Tim

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Our bodies always strive for balance and any drug taken regularly the body will do its best to counteract the effect and tolerance occurs. This happens with many drugs. To add insult to injury the dopamine drugs seem to cause augmentation in RLS sufferers but not Parkinson sufferers.

It is best to have several drugs to switch between. I've use Kratom and cannabis in the past with some good effects too.

If you are in the states you can get the Relaxis pad - a pad that vibrates and helps RLS that is confined to the legs as far as I'm aware.

Iron is always worth a checking and gentle Iron is easily absorbed. People here have also used magnesium.

I currently am taking baking soda and borax for the pain associated with the RLS.


Hi Tim, yes many people can take the Dopamine Agonists for long periods without getting augmentation but the higher the dose the greater the risk. As it is no longer helping to and in fact you are getting worse most likely sounds like Aug is already happening. After augmentation most people move onto painkillers or an anticonvulsant or a combination of both, Many find Tramadol very good to help withdraw from the Pramipexole and as a regular treatment afterwards x


Hi I have been on pramipexole for 8 months now with no problems. I take .18 mg X 3 daily, one in morning, one at 3/4pm, and one before bed. This has been a life saver and my rls has virtually gone, to the point where we went to Florida, an 8hr flight, something I never thought I would be able to do.

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