Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have just got three days of sleeping after so long 4 weeks ago I changed the way I treat myself. I read somewhere on this site that magnesium threonate has helped some people with RLS I did some research on the Internet and discovered that taking magnesium threonate with iron supplements has worked with RLS. I had to order it from USA when I got it I also bought some Feroglobin original I took one 500MG magnesium threonate one 5ml tea spoon twice a day after two weeks there was a change in the severity of rsl then after 3 weeks I have been free of rsl I also feel that might thinking has to a little bit better I have had no peace from this horrible illness I have been hospitalised for a complete mental breakdown due to sleep depravation so after years of suffering I stopped using any meds for rsl because none of them were working and for me this seemed the lest toxic solution to my suffering I am not advising any body just saying what I did because I know only to well how different we all react to medication

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Glad you have found what works for you i hope it continues for you. :)


Really interesting. i have started taking magnesium along with other meds and have some sleep improvement and it helped with bowel movements, so thats good..have now got some mag. threonate and will try it. But they are great big capsules...quite a challenge to swallow. however still on pramipexole and Targinact.

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I found that it works better with the Feroglobin 5 ml twice a day


I started taking as well and the improvement in my sleep has been absolutely remarkable!!! I do have one word of caution, though. My girlfriend said I was taking too much, and to make sure I wasn't overdoing it. There are problems with too much magnesium as well as too little so make sure you research that. But, I am thrilled you found something!!!!!

Sleep deprevation is awful, isn't it. Sometimes I have been so tired my eyes burn and are dry. I hate that feeling.

So happy you have found something that helps!!


Fascinating - I will look into it. It would be nice to get a decent sleep without drugs.

Magnesium intake is a real minefield - especially where other meds are involved. Cheers.


So glad you've found a treatment that works for you and thanks for sharing. I have been using mag malate for a while to no avail. I will try the threonate. Where did you purchase it online? Also what is Feroglobin? Is it a form of iron? Where did you get it? Cheers.


Magnesium on the net fermagloben super drugs




Does anyone have any idea of the optimum level of magnesium in the system for those with RLS?


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