Something l ate?

Hi all, just sitting pondering over last night. My legs have been pretty good, well that was until last night when they played up constantly. All my usual routine was totally ineffective and this morning l am really fatigued. At the moment l really feel sore and both my calf muscles are tight and painful.

It got me to pondering on why it should have kicked off so badly? Alcohol - no, something l ate? Well for my dinner l had chicken and salad, nothing unusual in that. Then l remembered that l had a zero fat yoghurt with apples and plum. I remember only eating half as l found it unpleasantly sweet, in an artificial sort of way. I have just dug the carton out of the bin, it's full of artificial sweetener. Possible culprit.......?

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  • Oh now that's an interesting thought. I can't say I've ever made the connection between sugar or sweetners and RLS, but I definitely do between sweet things and my ME. Too much sugar, particularly later in the day always drops my energy levels right through the floor, not that they are up to much in the first place :P

    With ME there are so many symptoms, RLS is just one of them, that it's often difficult to know exactly what is causing what. Things seem to bring on so many of my symptoms too. So I'll try and bear that one in mind for future. Interested to see if any one else has noted a connection.

    Gentle hugs, Margaret.xx :)

  • Hi Legsandmore

    There are a couple of threads about three years ago regarding aspartame and a few RLS sufferers mentioned they thought this made their symptoms worse......

  • Yes indeed, Legsandmore! Food sensitivities or allergies play a significant role in triggering RLS symptoms for some people. They had a huge impact on me. Dairy is a known allergen for a lot of people. Try eliminating it for a while, then reintroduce it and see if you have symptoms again.

  • Aspartame is a definite nono for me. I noticed a benefit when I gave up diet products like yogurt and fizzy drinks with aspartame in them. I use xylitol instead which is made from birch trees I think.

  • I wish I had help for you. :(

    I've been dealing with episodes of RLS now since Sunday night. I feel AWFUL. It's 4AM and I can't sleep because my arms and legs, even though I'm so tired.

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