Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts

Hi everyone...earlier on the RLS. tips section, someone mentioned having a hot Epsom Salts bath, just popped to the chemist to pick some up to give it a try, thought it was a bit dear considering what it is @ £6.50 for 500grms, but hey ho gonna give it a go... Does anyone know how much to put in the bath? The pharmacist suggested a pinch?? Thought that was a very small amount to advise, but he did say he didn't know at lot about it's use in the bath...any suggestions please.

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  • Hi Mysterylady

    On googling I read:

    How to Take an Epsom Salt Bath

    The water should be very warm -- not hot, but comfortable to the touch. Add the Epsom salt while the water is running to help it dissolve.

    For a standard-sized tub, use the amount suggested on the package, usually 1 to 2 cups, or the amount recommended by your doctor.

    Keep the part of your body that hurts in the water for at least 12 minutes. Just relax.

    I hope it helps, do let us know.


    ps do not get the water in your eyes.

    pps your pharmacist needs educating on this ;) a pinch? Perhaps you should enlighten him

  • Thanks Kaarina, will give it a go, I'm based in Liverpool UK What about yourself?

  • I live in Buckinghamshire. I wish you happy bathing.


  • Thanks sweetheart x

  • Ha ha will do tomorrow when I collect my script for my Pramipexole xx

  • I use magnesium salts and I think they are super ,if your legs are playing up and you can have a bath with salts in you will be very pleased,I use 2 cup full of salts also I get mine of e bay  lots cheaper. Happy soaking try a little. Lavender oil  to xx

  • Hi beady,

    When googling I read that a little lavender oil added to the water with the Epsom salts is good.

    Do you get the 10kg bucket from Ebay?  Sounds good value at £11.40 including p&p?


  • Yes that's how I buy mine Kaarina  and I wouldn't be without it xx

  • Thanks....on my way up for a bath and bed... Night night xx

  • There must be. Someone awake,we are away on hols for a week house sitting in Devon  looking after the dog and house,it's 12.30 couldn't have a bath  freezing cold  and now the legs have just started ,things will be different tomorrow night  I promise you x

  • I am sorry to hear that, Beady. I hope tonight goes better for you. Perhaps you can nap today?


  • Girls...went to sleep at 11.15...woke up @ 6.50 but I still took Pramipexole, only woke once for the loo...how often do you have the baths? Xxx in anticipation :) beady sorry you've had a bad night, hopefully better once you can get a bath....you could come and use my bath...but a little too far to Liverpool from Devon...thinking about you x

  • Good morning mysterylady,

    Great to hear you had a good night's sleep.

    I googled again and found this:

    "If this is your first time using an Epsom salt  bath you may want to start out with using it twice a week and as your body adjusts you can increase the frequency.


    Sounds like sensible advice.

    Watch for drying out of the skin though.


  • Hi Kaarina/Beady...call me Lynne x

  • Thanks for the tip...

  • Hi kathmax

    What is the weight of the Epsom salt packets from Boots for less than £2.00?

    On Ebay you can order a 10kg bucket for £11.40 including p&p which sounds excellent value should you continue to use them regularly.


  • Hi everyone!  Here in the west of Canada, I get Epsom salts at our local farm supply store.  $25. for 25 Kilos.  It's the organic brand Bittersalz - made in Germany.  :)

  • I use a couple of handfulls every night in my bath and I think it helps me. I buy it off the Internet in 5 kg bags

  • Suzirls is spot on!- I get the same in my local farm shop in Ireland. Farmers spray it on crops for magnesium deficiency.  If you are stuck - then a mixture of water and epsom salts- half and half by volume - will be quite  effective.  Just rub it liberally on legs- it feels slightly  oily- hence mg oil or spray. You could add any herb or essential oil- but I  find it works ok by itself. Especially  in the middle of the night when a quick fix is needed. My daughter got relief in her third trimester when drugs wouldn't have been a great idea.😂

  • Thanks everyone.... 10 kf tub winging its way to me @ £8.40 delighted with that. X

  • A bargain, Lynne, at £8.40!


  • Hi Lynne hope your legs are not keeping you awake .Have you tried the Epsom salts yet?

  • Yes...Kathmax, appeared to have some relief and good sleep 1st time, but subsequently... Not helping with sleeping at all, but disappointed but hey ho will keep in using and keeping smiling...hope your well Kath xx

  • Sorry to hear your not sleeping keep trying and I hope things get better .I am well thankyou.I just have the odd night that my legs are a little restless xx

  • 2 cups for bathtub usually did just fine magnesium seems to work.

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