Finally getting sumwhere

Went to my doctor today about getting diagnosed , been putting up with this for years,

He tried asking me about taking paracetamol and tramdol told him those have no effect on me and so he said he will give me some other tablets that should help so I asked him would it affect the topiramate tablets I'm currently on he said no I read the prescription he wrote out to find out his give me naproxen I was like excuse me I can't take naproxen while on topiramate you should know you can't take both at the same time plus I've been on naproxen before and it didn't make any different to restless legs so his making me go take a blood test at my local hospital so he can refer me to a specialist which could take months to get a appointment with a specialist but least they will know more then my gp who needs to go back to medical school, not looking forward to the blood test scared like hell of needles :(

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  • did he/she say what type of blood test, you should be having a ferritin test really, and your levels need to be about 50 to 70 if you have RLS

  • Not sure I know there's a glucose fasting test written on the sheet and some other stuff looks similar to every other time I've had a blood test,

  • it would say a ferritin serum test if its on there, are you uk based or usa ?

  • Didn't say that on the sheet,

    Am uk based

  • Naproxen are for inflammation not restless Tallula said ferritin blood test is what you need. If that is normal like most of us with restless legs,arms etc then go back to your g.p.and ask for a drug which will help your Rls unfortunately what works for some people has no effect on ours, Really hope you get some help .x

  • My gp said his gonna refer me to a specialist but can only do that once I've had a blood test as the specialist won't accept the referral if the gp hasn't done a blood test first , so done the blood test now just gotta wait to hear from the specialist :)

  • Well lets hope your doctor has ordered the ferritin level test, and that its a neurologist you get refered to

  • From what I saw on the blood test sheet that wasn't even on it,

  • Best thing is to ask your doctor if this is one of the test he/she asked for

  • Will do,

    Found out my blood tests have come back but haven't been marked by the doctor so have to ring back after 5pm or tomorrow to find out the results,

  • That is the only blood test that can be run for RLS, as far as I know and have read. It is good he wants to check your sugar, but I know you do need a ferritin level test from reading the posts and that web site that Nightdancer posts. I have found it really helpful. Ferritin shows how your body stores iron.

  • Gonna ring the surgery in the morning to get the results will ask them to check the computer to see if they deffo did ferritin level test/iron count or not and if they did what the level is ,

  • I hope that you find some good relief and information to share with us.

    I am seeing a specialist as well. I had the MRI, Nerve Conduction test,

    blood tests-several... and I am waiting to hear tomorrow of my results.

    I hope that something is discovered because those tests are truly

    expensive and time consuming. =O

    Mand92, between you and me, it was worth it just to know!

  • I had an EMG test. Wouldn't recommend it, it was like having 240 volts put through your arms and legs. They said that I have nerve damage but how that occurred I do not know.

  • When I was younger I used to wake up to find bruises all down my left leg was only when I was about 6 when I had to go sleep in my mums bed for the night that she told me that I kick and punch in my sleep a lot , still do now at 31 but not as much and no bruises probley due to thicker/stronger skin, is this part of rls?

  • PLMD, which is what happens when you are asleep is a cousin to RLS. I do have both and that is discovered in a sleep study. My doctor sent me for one. From what I read, not everyone has both, but lots do.

  • Thanks,

  • Got the results of my blood test everything is normal but stupid doctor didn't do a ferritin test

    I told him about the ferritin test and he said he will do one just gotta wait for him to fill and print the form and put it at the reception for me to collect so I can pop to the hospital to take the ferritin blood test , my doctor is soo useless ,

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