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Clonazepam & dementia?

Has anybody come across research, or indeed findings, concerning a link between benzodiazepines and dementia? Many of us have been prescribed Clonazepam as treatment for RLS or (as in my case) PLMD. I'm assuming that, if any credence is given to this speculated link, either one's GP would be aware of it or the Daily Express would have had a scare story beneath a banner headline by now!

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I am on clonazepam have been for at least 10 years I seem OK have RLS and PLMD 

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I was on Diazepam (Valium) for 21 years from the age of 18.  I am now 73 and apart from having had a somewhat wonky nervous system all my life I have not detected any deterioration in my mental faculties - apart from word-blindness.

I am amazed at how sharp I am for my age;  I edit the church magazine, and manage the church website without any bother.  I find that I can remember appointments and when bills need paying without having to write them down, but I obviously do put everything in my diary. I tend to forget people's names from time to time, but I understand  that most older people have this problem.

I hope this helps.

Ian J

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Thanks, Ian. Maybe it works the other way around!



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