It is a liquid , ingredients:

Certified organic apple cider vinegar

All natural ginger

Garlic juice

You put one capful in 2 ounces of

Fruit juice or water and drink it.

It taste horrible but IT WORKS .

I have been using it for over 2 years and works every time .

I live in USA and buy at Health Food store .

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  • What is it called?

  • Lol, It is called: Stops Leg & Foot Cramps In About A Minute.

    That is the name, crazy right. ? But it does work, it is an Amish Formula.

  • But, it is for CRAMPS? RLS is not cramps in any way. Cramps are muscular and RLS is neurological. If this helps with muscular cramps, that is great, but is not meant for RLS. Have seen the Amish formulas. Glad it helps you, if you are calling RLS "cramps" by mistake?

  • I was advised by GP to drink Tonic Water for cramp as the quinine helps, but I could drink gallons of the stuff and it would have no effect on RLS. Bizarrely, I have found that trying to sleep on the floor helps sometimes. I can sleep for a while then go back to bed. Not foolproof, doesn't always work for me.

  • Cramps are not part of RLS. The amount of quinine in tonic water barely shows up on a test. We tested it in chemistry class way back when, and it is only traces. Quinine itself is banned in the US, to be used for treatment of malaria only and is only allowed to be used for that. High doses of quinine can damage the walls of the heart. But, you will not get high doses of it in tonic water, so no worries there. :) When I had milder RLS, before meds, I used to sleep on the floor, get some pressure on the right spot for YOU, and it can help some. Good luck!

  • I also suffer from cramp which is why my GP recommended Quinine, many still do but believe me there is no way I can get cramps and the RLS I experience mixed up. I use the floor as a last resort when I dare not take any more meds.

  • What's it called is it ready mixed

  • Yes , comes in a bottle, I just shake it up a little before pouring a capful in small glass of water. Legs were bothering me last night and really sore. About midnight, went into kitchen where I keep it, walked back into bedroom and got in bed. Works every time .

  • Is it called braggs apple cider vinegar

  • It actually would have the word Amish in it, the "Amish" have a web site, which I find odd, since they are supposed to be unplugged, per se. Google Amish and cramps and you will get there,. from what I remember. Will do it myself since I have not looked at that web site for a couple yrs.

  • See above post

  • Hi, how much ginger? Is the ginger fresh or what form? And sorry how much garlic juice? Can you use garlic powder? Thank you. Beverley

  • Beverly, this is a premixed Amish Formula. The ginger is all natural. The apple cider vinegar is certified organic. Money back guarantee . You cannot mix up a batch because we don't know the exact proportions.

  • I tried it but could not stand the taste!

  • Maidar, the taste is horrible but it does work and the relief I get so I can sleep is worth it !!!!

  • Maidar, try mixing in fruit juice you like . Think of it as "medicine", when your legs are bad enough, you will do almost anything to get it to stop 😘


  • Isn't there a list of ingredients on the bottle?

  • Nightingale-5, yes, there is list of ingredients. If you will scroll up to previous posts I made on this, I posted ingredients, if you can't find , let me know and I will post again for you, if you are wanting to know . 😊

  • Ps. Am in UK

  • Google it, you should be able to buy online 😘

  • RLS is NOT cramps. RLS is neurological, cramps are muscles contracting.

  • I do know that, and I don't have "cramps". I have RLS, not every day/night but have fought for years, took Requip, didn't help and side effects. My daughter found this in Health Food Store. They had at counter when she was checking out, thought of me. I was hesitant at first, smells horrible, but when your legs won't let you rest, you get desperate.

  • Ok, i was going by what you posted. Stops leg and foot cramps. If it is advertising it for that, then cant see that it works for RLS. But the placebo effect can be very strong.

  • 😡😡. There is no placebo effect involved !!! It smells horrible and tastes horrible . I drank it thinking " NO WAY THIS IS GOING TO WORK". That was an especially bad night so I was willing to try anything . I was shocked and so grateful . My daughter bought for me to try . What works for one person may not work for another. I am just saying, I found this and yes it works for RLS , which I have along with Fibromyalgia . You don't have to try it, means nothing to me . I live in USA, and this product is available in our health food stores .

  • No need to get so angry. I am giving my opinion on what i think about it.

    Lots of people also post that Tonic Water with quinine in it works wonders for them or soap under their sheets. Same thing. If it works then thats all that matters.

  • Redhots do you have RLS or do you have cramp? 2 different things x

  • RLS, never had cramps, took Requip for a while, did not work and did not like side effects .

  • Yes, cramps or RLS? Totally different.!

  • RLS

  • Perhaps the description was not great in the beginning, since RLS was not mentioned and only cramps. many people use the word cramps loosely.

  • Very good, I remember my nan telling me many years ago that Loverage is also an excellent help for rhuematics. Just a small tot. It's made with Devon herbs & spices. Many old remedies like this normally help but normally not cheap either.Cider apple vinegar with a tot of Loverage is a very old remedy.

    Peace, Luv n light

  • What does can you find it and how much is it

  • Sorry, don't understand your question ? If you will scroll up and read my previous posts, I think I have answered most questions, if not, please ask your question again .

  • seaira17

    As Redhots7 says, scroll up and you will find the name. You can google it, read what is said about this product and make up your own mind on whether you wish to proceed further.

  • Thank you, Kaarina !

  • How is the all natural ginger taken?

  • camillen,

    From reading what Redhots7 has said, the all natural ginger is in the product with the other ingredients mentioned at the top of the page in the thread. Redhots7 has given the name of the product. Scroll up the page. You can then google it should you wish to do so.


  • Strange, I have been taking it 2 years for osteoporosis works wonders no more inflamed knuckles, unfortunately hasn't help my restless legs as bad as ever!!

  • JEMoore,

    Are you taking it for osteoporosis or osteoarthritis? I have both conditions but it is the osteoarthritis that gives me inflammation, not the osteoporosis. ;)


  • Sorry my mistake, osteoarthritis. Taking it for restless legs to my surprise it helped with my painful hands. No inprovement at all with restless legs, everyone seems to have a different experience seems pot luck what works as an individual!!

  • I have been suffering RLS for years, and I usually get 2-3 spells in a week.  Recently I have been taking 1 spoonful of brags ACV in the morning and I have not had an episode in a week. It's only a week but fingers crossed it stays away!!

  • What is ACV ?

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Hi Redhots,

    Brags ACV is Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.


  • JKaarina , I take one capful in 2 ounces of water of a product I buy at Health Food Store.  It is called " STOPS LEG & FOOT CRAMPS IN ABOUT ONE MINUTE ".  It is a Amish formula.  Ingredients are made from certified organic apple cider vinegar and all natural ginger and garlic juice".  Works great for me !  

  • I posted this 10 months ago, I still drink 2-3 times a week and it STILL WORKS every time ! Yes, it smells and taste bad. When your legs make you miserable, wants to move, stretch and are sore , you (I) will do almost anything to make it stop ! I drink in water, you could put in small amount of any kind of juice to help with the taste .

    I also suffer with Fibromyalgia so anything I can do to relieve PAIN from any part of my body is a gift !

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