I dealt with RLS for years before I could convince my doctor it was a "certifiable' disease. I was on Requip for about 10 years but my system got used to it so changed to merapex about 3 years ago, I have to regulate the pills throughout the day - one .5 at 10;30 am; one .5 at 3:30 pm, and two .5 at bedtime. For me the secret is to keep medicine in my system all the time - If I don't take the pills at the above times, my legs start to jump (and yes, I do get it in my arms occasionally). It works - if your doctor gives you grief about taking something, find another doctor because there is help out there.

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  • There are so many different pills but it's starting to sound as though if they don't make you worse your body gets used to them we can't seem to win anyway ,sorry but not even the doctors are much help are they

  • Fortunately, I took Requip for more than 5 years before my system got used to it. I changed to Meripex and that worked as well -- I was even able to go from .25mg 4 times a day to .05mg 4 times a day. If the time ever comes that my system gets used to the Meripex, hopefully I can go back to the Requip. I'm 76 years old so I'm not looking for any long-term solution (ha-ha). If I can swap back and forth every 5 years, I'll be happy. I feel so sorry for all of you that haven't found a solution. I told my husband the other day after reading some posts that I'll never complain again if I have a bad night every so often. I never knew it could get so bad - I'm the only one of my acquaintances that has RLS so the subject doesn't come up very often.

  • Like you I'm the only one of anyone I know that has RLS good to have people to talk to about how you feel

  • bumpsgirl, maybe you taking a slow release mirapex once a day, would be better than having to remember all the doses through the day. :)

  • Thanks for the advice. Actually I didn't know there was a slow release but now that I have RLS under control I'm afraid to make waves. I'm not good about taking pills, but I never forget the Mirapex.

  • Be extremely careful with Maripex. It is very effective at calming the body movement urges, but it raises the incidence of compulsive behavior, such as extra sex, extra gambling, beligerant behavior and other compulsive disorders. The literature has been updated since I took it and the mfg. tells of the bad aspects of the drug, but you control your behavior. I found out too late and was almost bankrupt from bad investments thoughts that I was invincible, and gambling expecting to win regularly, which I didn't. I have had Prostate cancer and was essentially castrated by chemical means and was unable to succumb to the sexual compulsions that many otherwise healthy people have.

    Use the drug, don't let it use you.

  • I've heard about the compulsive behavior that goes along with Maripex. In addition to the ones you listed, you can add extra eating to the list. I guess it's the lesser of all the compulsive behaviors, but I find myself getting up in the middle of the night heading right for the refrigerator. Now working to loose the weight I put on. Can't win!!!!

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