Azelect for rls

For those who lost hope, just know that drug companies are working round the clock to bring to you answers and relief. Your best chance at beating any disease is to have the best health that you can by eating a well balanced diet, filling the gaps in with vitamins and minerals, be at the correct weight and get the blood pumping at least a few days a week, ideally every day. When you ha e done everything that you can do on your part, have used the usual drugs prescribed for rls and you still have no relief, Aimee turn to prayer and spiritually, coinciding and some just live, barely in existence... maybe, just maybe a drug is showing promise in trials... who has heard of Rasigaline? Radicalism is a Parkinson's drug but trials are telling us that it works for RLS. A select is the brand name.

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  • Not heard of that med can you copy and paste so we can read about it please. If its used for Parkinson's then probably another dopamine med or similar.

  • I wish i could exersice even goign cycling makes my rls 10 times wors the best i can do is tread water once a week or my rls goes mad! as for eat healthy well i tyr but with 3 young children and a dog and husband its knid of hadr when your on the go all the time. As for as vitamins i take ex iron in the evening but hasnt helped me much. and as for as drugs go the side affects are sometimes worse than the rls.

  • Yikes not sure this went ahead. It seems to be old from looking at the dates. I dont understand all what is being said. But i did notice the dates.

  • I saw that they cancelled it's use about a year ago.. dang.. it went on to later stages of trial and just like that, they pulled it after checking the safety of it's use in rls patients.. thank God for these tests to protect us. I thought sure it was coming here for our use.. thanks for the correction.

  • Rasagaline is an MAOI inhibitor that was never approved for RLS, not a dopamine drug. The drug interactions are numerous, you cannot take it if you have high blood pressure meds on your med list, nor can you take it with sooo many meds I cannot even list them all. If you take this one with Cipro, the levels of the MAOI can go too high and cause seratonin syndrome, which can be fatal if untreated. You also have to avoid all foods with tyramine in them if you are taking this med, and it is basically used for an antidepressant, also Parkinson's, but should not be taken with Mirapex (Pramipexole) or Requip. So, it would seem they thought about studying this years ago, but have shelved the idea for use in RLS anyway. It was an older idea that "had legs" for a while, but there is no approval for RLS for this drug. I looked and looked this morning to make sure. The latest thing I found was a call for a clinical research project for this med, but it was never done as recently as 2012, they just did not do it after they weighed the benefits versus the risks, of which there are many. If you find anything more recent let me know; the most recent I found was from 2012, like I said as a potential study, but it was canceled. But, keep in researching, that is what we need to do. ;)

  • I stand corrected. Nightdancer is right. Here I thought it was coming forth as a possible treatment.. my bad.. sorry.

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