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Iam 85 & I have suffered with RLS for69 yrs. very very mildly at 18 when I got pregnant,not at the end tho'..first few days. I never really noticed it then thought it was due to pregnancy but the last few years (10-15) its got worse,I don't know what a nights sleep is 2hrs. if im lucky. I had adartrel..then it was ropierole 613micrograms controlled it pretty well 2 at midday 2 at 5-ish 2 in the night. it got so bad Dr. upped the dose to 1mg. I don't sleep at all now soon as Itake one my legs start & the pain is unbearable. It always starts artound midday 2 or 3 hrs.then tea time until 2-3-4o/c in the morning I just spend the night walking about its driving me mad. there must be something I can take that would help, surely..( a gun comes to mind sometimes)

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  • Hi how many mg of the Ropinerole are you now taking each day? It sounds like you have augmentation from the Ropinerole, take a look through old posts and comments and put augmentation into the search box. On there is a video about augmentation x

  • oh bless you I'll do that right now...thankyou very much

  • Try changing to Meripex and see if that helps.

  • Hi Valerita, as Pippins says it does sound like you are unfortunately suffering from Augmentation. This link may be of help to you.

  • Thankyou Katrina I'm going to get right on it ...thankyou very much, kind peope...

  • Hi Valeria you sound fed up , I'm not on meds at the moment so up and down all night to ,I'm looking into natural meds ,not the usual type , have a look on line at ( lotus extracts ) I am going to order something that might help , it has dopamine in it and as far as I'm concerned might be worth a look each powder or capsule explains what it is for have a look anyway , have just read bediths response ,this is what I meant

  • Thankyou Mopsy I'll look into that.

  • I have suffered for 38ys it took me 10ys to prove something was wrong. I went from one Doctor to 6 Doctors in two different surgeries no one believe me saying it'sin my head. Then (10ys later) a lady Doctor at a different surgery got pregnant, and suffered from RLS when she came back the first thing she did was call me in to see her and apologised for not listening to me. on the maternity leave she researched it gave me lots of information and asked me would I like to try some of the drugs that is being used. Well I sat and cryed to think that one Doctor had to go through it to believe me she really help, but after so long there not working any more and its every nerve in my body now so something is wrong but to find someone to help or believe me is in possible 😔

  • I know what you mean, when I tell my Dr. The ropiirole starts it off he always says oh no no no it couldn't do that but it certainly does.. thankyou ....

  • Sounds like augmentation. You will need a painkiller to get you thro' withdrawal. I used Tramadol. It was so good I am still on it 2 years later and doing fine most nights. Good luck.

  • Thankyou very much John, for your kind information it helps to know I'm not alone...thankuo

  • Perhaps you could point your doctor to the professional pages at as he doesn't know much about the meds for RLS.

  • I am the same age as you and have also suffered with RLS for many, many years. I am now taking Tramadol after trying all the Dopamine type drugs including the patches, none of which helped. The Tramadol helps but recently I have been trying a herbal capsule called Mucuna Pruriens and it has really helped my legs to be much calmer at night so that I can sleep a lot better than I ever did. Worth a try for you perhaps? Good Luck

  • Hi I have been looking into these as well have just ordered some ,they say if you use the same in liquid form vapour ,with the capsule it is a stronger affect ,please keep that posted

  • Oh Bedith6 how lovely to see your name here ! Not heard from you in ages,i am pleased that you are doing better these days.Hugs Pippins x

  • Oh valerita1, you poor thing. I know exactly how you feel, prowling around the house in the wee hours of the morning when the rest of the world is soundly asleep. It's a very uncomfortable feeling mentally. As far as your physical well-being, I am surprised you lived with RLS as long as you did without it driving you crazy. Not everybody agrees with me, so I speak for myself, but 1mg of ropinirole is fairly weak. I take 2 mg twice a day and somehow am managing to survive this.

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