Restless Legs Syndrome

Weighted Blankets for rls?

Has anyone tried this for rls?

I know people who have kids on the autism spectrum and people who suffer with anxiety who swear by these. And since rls is neurologically based I'm wondering whether this might be helpful. I've read some reports that are pretty positive but was wondering whether anyone here had any experience with this.

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I have not tried a weighted blanket only because i couldnt bear anything heavy on my legs, i have to keep my legs free, i even have them outside on my bed covers sometimes.

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Yes i paid a fortune for one but sadly it did not help me at all x


Hi Renee no I haven't heard anything about them ,but very interested please keep me posted


On second thoughts after reading the other ladies comments I could imagine the weight pushing down and having to get it off quick but I can't really really stay in bed anyway soon as it starts I'm up and about


I dunno. There's a difference in how people respond neurologically to firm or heavy pressure as opposed to light pressure. Check out some of Temple Grandin's work. I also have to kick blankets off. I think I'd like more info before spending a lot of money though. I sure don't want to have Pippin's experience.


I don't like anything on my legs, but when I used to sleep with my husband and my legs started jumping, I would put my leg under his and that weight was enough to stop it.

Nothing sinister, I never murdered him although it came close a few times, lol.

But after throwing him out into the spare room more and more (because he was breathing and I was hot) we both decided it was easier for him to stay there, so we have had separate rooms for a good few years now and it helps us both get a good nights sleep.

Now if my legs/arms or both start, I sit up and have a drink of water.

It seems to take it off enough for me to get back to sleep.


My oldest son has severe autism and absolutely needs his heavy blanket to sleep.

For my RLS, i tried dance tights, which helped a lot! I posted this about my experience.


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