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Update on RLS documentary, provided by the programme's producers


Last week we had the privilege of interviewing Professor Chaudhuri, of Kings College Hospital. Our visit lasted much longer than we had anticipated due to the myriad interesting tangents enjoyed during filming. Professor Chaudhuri provided outstanding insight into RLS from both a clinical and psychological point of view.

This week we have been continuing our search for RLS sufferers to be in the documentary and feel like we have two people who would be fantastic case studies. This means we should start filming with them as early as next week. However, we are still looking for two more RLS sufferers.

On a technical note, our camera specialists have been adapting cameras to enable them to record using an infra-red light source. This will allow us to document the frequency and intensity of leg movement of our subjects as they sleep.

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Caeol1948 I would be happy to take part but what happen,s if when they are filming i am having a good night because i do get good nights

DaraghAdministrator in reply to Mum27

Afraid that's one only the production company could answer Carol1948

Oh! I do hope this documentary is shown in Australia; no, actually the whole world.

What about the people who also suffer greatly during the day time a as well as night. RLS is not just a sleeptime condition as I know only too well and I be happy to say so on camera.

DaraghAdministrator in reply to bedith6

The production company are working with RLS specialists who will be only too aware of the various facets of RLS. Just because it is not mentioned above does not mean it has not been considered.

Shame your not looking in NZ there's a few more here


That sounds good I would do it

i would like to volunteer, having suffered from RLS since a small child. I have the more severe aspect in that it affects my legs arms shoulders had fingers trunk and feet plus the jerky motions. I have been on rotigine since it became licenced intial dose of 4mg (transdermal patch every 24hours)m this has been increased by a further 1mg patch and again by abother 1 mg. I am on 6mg daily, and ctill get breakthrough. When Rls starts I cannot sit, i have to stand and rock back and forth, and my arms start to, I look like I am both shadow boxing and kick boxing at one and the same time. I have been on other medication prior to rotigotine, ropinerole and mirapexin. One medication prescribed, Stemetil (an anti emetic) drove me crackers.

I would be only to happy to talk to anyone in the medical profession and/or give presentations on this very subject, since often there is litle understanding and it is often minimised and even dismissed.

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