Restless Legs Syndrome


This is a relief to me to find other people whom suffer with same symptoms as me, last night was awake till 3 am with silly legs could not keep them still up and out of bed walking on the spot oh what a silly sight I must have been.

This is a strange feeling and it,s hard to describe to people who have never had it, someone has posted a little xmas jingle rhyme that made me smile because it is just like that

Any way I hope it is a little while before I get another episode ! fingers crossed

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hi. i hope you never get another episode its not nice, i have had it for 39 years and mine has never gone away, i have good nights but more bad than good. The older i get the worse it seems to get even though i take Pramipexole. you sometimes feel you can,t take anymore so good luck hope you will be ok x


Thankyou for your comments I certainly hope it eases as it,s a strange thing and it makes it difficult to explain to others if they have not experienced it ,all my husband says is stop kicking and fidgeting !


I hope your bad night was a one off. Sometimes meds give up on us for a few nights, no one really knows why, unless you have eaten or drank something that could be a trigger for you.

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Many Thanks for taking the time to give me some advice it is much appreciated and I will definately think what I could be doing that will exasserpate it exscuse spelling I am in a rush




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