Information on Patches required

After weaning myself off Clonazepam (? spelling) I have now started taking patches. I am experiencing nausea and have lost my appetite. I want to persevere as at the moment they are working. Can anyone advise me on this treatment as I am hopeful that these side affects will lessen and hopefully disappear.

Thank you fellow sufferers.

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  • If its the Neupro patch I had the same thing, lost several stones of weight when I started but the nausea and poor appetite have passed and am having no other problems with them.

  • Thanks raffs, I think the nausea is getting better and i am sure the appetite will pick up again soon. Was glad to have a pretty positive result because they are working. (Itch like mad though) All worth it.

  • No problem, glad things are moving in the right direction.

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