Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have been on a high dose of clonazepam which my neurologist wants me to reduce down to 0.5mg. I have got to 1.5 but as the dose has gone down the pain in my legs has increased. I am on Zapain 30/500 but this is not as effective as I would like it to be. I am seeing my neurologist early in January but I will be seeing my doc soon and wondered about asking him for some tramadol which I know from posts that I have read that has helped some people. I would appreciate any comments from anyone on tramadol to see how much it has helped them.

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There are lots of people finding Tramadol helpful,you will find lots of posts.To be honest it didn't help me very much but thats just me !


Hi Martino, I am on TRAMADOL for RLS, however, I don't have any pain and never had. TRAMADOL works wonders for me, it is a pain killer and a mild one with almost zero side effects. I've been on it for 5 yrs now, 50 mg which is the lowest dose, but recently I had a bit of augmentation which is when your body adjusts to the med and you need to increase your meds., so now I take one pill 50 mg at 5:30 pm and another 50 mg at 11.30 before bedtime. Give it a try, nothing to loose except the horrible RLS feeling, but a word of caution, unfortunately TRAMADOL does NOT work for everyone. I hope you have luck with this med. keep us posted.


Thanks very much. I agree that Trying it may help. Fingers crossed!

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Good luck. It's a mild med with no side effects and tends to work long term without causing too much augmentation. Keep me posted.


I saw my doc yesterday and he has advised me to stay with the current 1.5 clonazepam and take tramadol. Two 50mg to start with the one or two every four to six hours. I had a great evening with little pain and no urge to get up. Wonderful. I fell asleep quite quickly and apart from a couple of loo breaks (prostate) I slept till 5.30. I was restless and when I got up at 7.30m needed the tramadol. I realise it is very early days but I am very encouraged. I am going to experiment with the dose whilst observing the parameters.


I take 2 tramadol with 1 clonazepam or lorazepam at bedtime.

If I'm having a bad night I'll take one Lyrica 150mg... Seems To Work.

In the A.m. I'll take 2 Tramadol.and Rub Magnesium Oil into my legs.

One hour later I'll make a Whey Protein Shake with Kratom.


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