Restless Legs Syndrome
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i suffer from rls,nothing seems to help. yesterday i attended the hospital to collect a pair of leg monitors to wear for three nights,they said put them on, switch them on, before bed over a pair of thin socks,

I really have got a problem.

1,they would soon fall off without a pair of socks over them,the way i move this ok??

2,how the hell do i know that i have switched the monitors on?? there is no indication on the monitors.

3,they were supposed to come on at 12 midnight and go off at 6am they did not appear to do anything.

does anyone know how they switch on please.

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What are the monitors supposed to be doing.? I dont understand what you have been given them for. Can you explain...?


hi,the monitors are supposed to tell the technician, how many times a night i am disturbed,ha ha,(don't matter about the day then!)

he did not explain to me how to switch them on or indicate when they are working.

I feel angry and frustrated, because its wasting more time,i need sleep now.

having said that I did sleep very well last night for me,I had a glass of milk,not something i have done for years.


Leg movements at night, do you know if you kick in your sleep..? If you know then that is called PLMD. Periodic Limb Movement, it happens while asleep. RLS is while you are awake, or stops you sleeping.


you seem very well informed ,I think i have both, but the consultant just calls it rsl, i and two of my sons have it,and have since a child, i have been treated in the past with sinamet, diazapam, tramadol , last year, robinirole patches,now on robinirole 1mg in the evening and repinex xl 2mg ,at bedtime for last 8 months,nothing seems to last before it starts again.together with cramp when i am in bed.

i also have sleep apnea,controlled with a cpap machine,this is also inherited,a granchild was diagnosed at 6 weeks.


Hi, RLS and PLMD are both different conditions, so your doctor shouldnt tie them together. You can have both conditions, or one or the other. The monitors will be for the PLMD to see how many times you move while asleep. Its so you can be diagnosed as having PLMD. Do you mean the Neupro Patch. that you tried...? And its Ropinerole 1mg you are one now..? I dont know what repinex is. Cramps can be relieved by taking magnesium apparently. After all that i am sorry i cant help on how the monitors work for switching on or off.


ok not to worry the monitors have gone back now.


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