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Stem cell jab for Parkinson's "Daily mail 15/9/15"

Stem cells from unfertilised, donated human eggs are being used to treat Parkinson's disease.

Foetal stem cells have been used before, but this new method avoids the ethical issues in using human embryos.

In a trial in Australia 12 patients with moderate to severe Parkinson's will have a single dose of a stem-cell solution injected into their brains. Stem cells have the ability to develop into other kinds of cells.

The idea is that these will replace the cells that produce dopamine (a chemical that helps control movement) which die off in Parkinson's.

Printed with kind permission of the "Daily Mail"

Could this be a breakthrough for RLS ???

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Thanks for information.I cant really see this being a breakthrough for RLS as the object of this procedure appears to increase the amount of dopamine which is diminishing in those suffering from Parkinsons Disease.When the brains of severe RLS sufferers have been examined in post mortem it has been noted that the levels of dopamine is not diminished infact higher than normal levels are often found.The problem appears to be with the dopamine receptors and the way that they work (very poorly!).The only noticeable abnormality found in theses brains was a pathetically low iron level in the part of the brain named the Substantia Nigra.There is some information linking these low levels of iron to poor dopamine receptor activity.So alas I don't think this will help us but its a move in the right direction, ...Pipps


Parkinson's and RLS are not connected. If you have RLS it does not mean you will get Parkinson's. They are even trying to get away from the dopamine theory for RLS. because the meds do not help a good % of RLSer's. Sometimes the same meds are used or both diseases, but they are separate, for now, anyway. Parkinson's is rigidity, and RLS you cannot stop moving. But who knows, maybe....................................... way down the line we may find out differently. But the chips they are implanting for Parkinson's does not work for RLS one bit. The fact that they are using stem cells is controversial at best. We need way more studies and way bigger than 12 people. I agree with Pippin. In RLS we are not lacking dopamine, it is just not going to the right places, the neruotransmitters are what is our issue. We have plenty of dopamine, it is just not being used the right way. So, hence, why they are getting away eventually from using dopamine meds for RLS. That is years away, but they are working on it slooooooooooowly.


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