Spasmodic leg pain

I have been getting spasmodic leg pains on an occasional basis for some years. After a bad attack lasting for hours I saw my GP who prescribed Gabapentin. I only take a low dose at night but still get the pains and jerking but only on the odd occasion. I have been on statins for three years, anti-coagulants and sleeping tablets. have not being diagnosed RSL but goggled my symptoms and found this forum. Wondered if anyone gets the pain or it just the jerks ? I very rarely sleep for more than a few hours.

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  • I get horrendous pain when the legs are bad :(

  • Thanks for your reply

  • Hi ,with RLS you get the urge to move your legs (and sometimes other parts) , it is an urge that is impossible to ignore .The urge to move is normally accompanied by sensations.These sensations can range from mild , uncomfortable creepy crawly feelings through to pain.If you go to you will find lots of information including diagnostic criteria .The absolute essential criteria is the URGE to move .Hope that helps .,Pipps

  • Mine jerk on their own accord. Will have a look on the web site you recommend. Thanks

  • If your legs jerk on their own accord it sounds like PLMD,which Periodic Limb Movement Disorder.Many people who suffer from RLS also suffer from PLMD.I have both conditions.Very ofter PLMD happens whilst we are aslee6 and we aren't aware of it .However it does sometimes occur whilst awake.

  • Hi Legs391, I have had RLS since I was 14 years old. I know what you mean about pains in your legs at night but didn't think it was related to RLS. I am having the worst episode of RLS now in its 15th night but strangely the leg pains have disappeared but I now believe that the leg pains I have been suffering are all part a parcel of RLS. Hope you get some relief from this great website.

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