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Restless Legs Syndrome
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No diagnosis just drugs prescribed

It would be nice to be taken serious about how debilitating RLS and chronic pain and fatigue can make your everyday life. My doctor just doesn't seem to get it.

I'm on:

10mg citalopram

75mg pregabalin x 3 (more like 6)

Tylenol 3 x 2

25mg quetiapine (zombie effect so I don't take often)

Recently found old prescription from 2013 that I never really gave a try. .25 mg ropinerole was prescribed from a walk in clinic doctor who said to gradually increase it. 2 weeks in and my reg doc took me off due to side effects. Well I am taking now, with self approval desperate for relief. I have been on a week and have increased to .50mg. The gambling and promiscuous behavior is a bit much for side effects but the falling asleep while driving part is the scary one for me.

I am curious on tramadol vs. Tylenol 3?

I am curious on ropinerole vs pregablin.

I often thought pregablin helps but its not the answer. I smoke marijuana daily to take the edge of. Or I fear my happy self might snap at my loved ones constantly.

I go see my doc and say, I cant I've like this and she talks about putting me on anti malaria and than doesn't? I go to the walk in doc and he says he can't treat me that my regular doc needs to. But she doesn't get it?! I wish I could politely get a second opinion. Have all my blood tests and specialist tests sent go me and find someone to put together a treatment plan.

Sorry. That's my rant lol from Port Moody BC.

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I can't see Tylenol doing anything - many here have gotten relief from Tramadol, (myself included). Be thankful that you have cannabis to use as that has been found to help.

Go to your Dr and explain what is happening - the anti malarial drug I don't understand. Its normally dopamine agonists that are used for RLS but strong opioids can be used also.

I wonder if the Citalopram and Quetiapine making things worse?


I have been on T3s for so long I worry they are eating my stomache away. And I feel like nothing really treats it, just takes the edge off. And I'm tired all the time but don't sleep. Arrrgh!!! Lol its actually nice to see others who understand me. I want to ask to take tramadol and ropinerole.


Should be a good combination - better than what you are taking now. There is also the Neupro patch which I am using and getting relief with.


I think the anti-malaria is Quinine, and that should not be used for RLS. It doesnt work for RLS and only used to be used for cramps. It also has a FDA warning on it, as has caused heart problems for some people. The Citalopram is an anti-depressant and can cause most people with RLS to have worse symptoms, so you could look into that med and maybe change it.

Tramadol is better to take than the Tylenol3.

Ropinerole is ok to take as long as you stick to the new recommended dose which is no higher than 1-2mg. If it doesnt work for you at that dose than its not the med for you. Pregabalin is better to take along side another med rather than by itself. But doesnt always work for everyone. Its a matter of trial and error and finding what works for you. If the Ropinerole is giving you bad side effects then you need to stop taking it, especially if you notice any of the gambling etc ones and the falling asleep one.


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