Totally knackered eyes sore from being open for so long legs and arms going nuts on me i feel like cotton wool not helping with cracked/sprained ribs can't lay on floor as i usually do (only place to get comfy ) 2 baths later and im still awake meds making my balance wappy lol .

Had a MRI other week knew i have sciatica (had that years) got arthritis (lower back only place they did MRI) and something bulge hernia pressing on the spinal cord all fun lol want me to see a neuro surgeon don't want to im in no pain apart from the twinges from the sciatica knowing my luck i'd have an op and i'll be in pain for good nahh... thanks not only that how the heck would i be able keep still i'd go crazy .

Moan over :) cheers for reading just a moan xx

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  • Cannot believe you have everything I have. Another night of no sleep too!

  • often .... more nigt of no sleep than nights of sleep lol long as i don't look like a zombie im fine haha

  • Well, when the pain is more than sporadic, you may change your mind. I have had a surgery for a bulging disc, plus 2 others on my back and 2 on my neck. surgery is a serious thing to consider, for sure, but I had no problems staying still with all the extra pain meds I was given for post op pain. The pain meds usually do the trick, and I never remember having RLS after any surgery, except one where they gave me the wrong anti-nausea med and it triggered it off. Lots of people worry that they may not be able to stay still.

  • I may change my mind but for now im ok as said they only did MRI on lower back was just to check on sciatica wasn't expecting the others so not sure if there's anything higher up yeah i know you've had ops for lots on your back i've read a few times , i know my own body and yes my biggest fear is keeping still they'd have to knock me out for how ever long watching calf muscles move on their own is bad enough i've broken my ankle before now and didn't go to hospital with it fear of it being put in plaster so far as pain goes i can cope .

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