Any relief from Yoga?

Hi all, thanks for stopping to read.

Out of desperation I have started doing Yoga exercises I found on the web to help address some of the back pain/sciatica that I suffer on a near constant basis.

I am getting some relief from the sciatica from the stretching which is a blessing but I was wondering if anyone out there in RLS land that found benefit from yoga for the RLS? I've only been at it a few weeks but was thinking it may be helpful!

When I have the RLS all over my body I use my sons drum set to distract and exercise/move the afflicted areas, (I am tired at the end of it but it seems to ease things for a while). It keeps my arms moving instead of just thrashing randomly in the air and the legs get the base drum and high-hats.

The yoga gives focus and stretches which might help alleviate some of the suffering.

Anyone any views on this and if you have had some success can you point me in the direction of the right exercises please and thanks.

I am using this video but obviously I cannot stretch as far as she can:

IF there are any other exercises that anyone can recommend I would appreciate the help.

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  • I havent tried Yoga for RLS. But i do stretching of my legs when the RLS is playing up especially in the night. That helps at the time but its not enough to let me sleep.

    I like what you are doing which seems to be helping your sciatica, as for helping RLS, i cant really say. You will have to let us know whether you are getting any relief from your RLS.

  • I do yoga and it has virtually solved problems with my back. I think it is better to go to a class for beginners, because it is so important that the exercises are done in the right way so as not to injure yourself. I have also used tennis balls to massage my buttocks, which always solves the trapped nerve/sciatica/piriformis problems. But again you must get the right information so place the balls right and stretch afterwards...its really a miracle cure. (Of course not if you have another serious back problem)

  • having looked at the video, it is far too hard for a beginner, try to find an easier one with less poses, so that you will not be stressed by it. As we all know stress also encourages the onset of RLS. Good luck

  • Hi Raffs,

    I do yoga every 2 hrs through the night when my RLS wakes me up. It's pretty basic as I'm so tired/exhausted that I have to be careful I don't fall over. The cat pose and exercises helps as does basic standing stretches. They distract me while I'm doing them and if I'm lucky they'll stop the twitching/ moving for just long enough to fall back to sleep for another hour. Try a few different stretches and see what helps. Good luck,


  • Thanks Joolsg, I have been going through some very bad nights recently but lack the energy or even the ability to still my body long enough to sit for any stretches.

    I think I am going to have to try earlier when they start not when they've gotten too bad!

  • It really is a ***** disease isn't it? If only the medical profession realised how disabling and dreadful it really is we might get some serious research and help. We all end up spending what little money we have on supplements and devices which are supposed to help!

    I hope you manage to find drugs or treatment that allow you to get some relief.

    Take care


  • Another good stretching exercise regimen is Classical Stretch/ Essentrics by Miranda Esmonde-White.

  • I believe that yoga helps everything holistically-so the better one feels generally- this helps RLS.. To put it another way- feel the best you can physically , be the most empowered you can be, be the healthiest you can be, be the most self loving you can be, be the most at peace you can be. All this enables one to deal with RLS better.That's not to say RLS will disappear .It means that one will handle it in a more balanced way. We will approach it from the strongest possible place.x

  • I agree jumpey...I now accept that I never sleep more than x3 hours at a time, but after getting up to go to the loo, putting on cream for itching (various causes) and finding something good on the radio and maybe taking some paracetamol, codeine or temazepam, I usually get some more sleep...a busy night perhaps but I am used to it and am stress free having a bed of my own and flexible daily activities...has been worse...!?

  • I do spontaneous yoga movements after I wake up at night. I lay down and let my nervous system decide what movements and stretches to make. And the postures are very much like yoga. It's very interesting and calming, and most of all they reduce the mental pain and anxiety quickly and after a half an hour I am ready to fall asleep again - usually on my yoga mat. I have these self-made yoga sessions two or three times per night. I put nice relaxing music on and let go.

  • I've been doing yoga for around 5 years now... its a great way to relieve back pain through gentle stretches. But I have found zero benefit for the RLS symptoms one suffers in the legs. However there are some gentle stretching exercises one might try - here is a weblink with stretches designed specifically for RLS. I do these frequently when the symptoms are intense. Doesn't work every time but frequently relieves the pain.

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