I have appointment 3 pm today at the Priory hospital, Prof A C Williams, (private consultation). I moved so changed doctors, now I talk to a doctor who knows a little about RLS :), had my bloods done and they all came back good, ferritin 77 ng/ml. Pramipexole not working as well as it used to. Nervous about seeing this guy today! hate medical stuff as have such a negative time in last years! not slept well for awhile so lacking in confidence of what to say, I'm sure to fluff it!

any help or support would be grateful

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  • I hope he listens to you and he does know enough about RLS. I hope he knows about augmentation and that he doesnt recommend increasing your pramipexole. What dosage are you taking right now. If its above .25mg USA dosage or two 0.088mg which is how the UK say the dosage, then it doesnt need increasing. So, if its not working so well, your symptoms seem to be worse than when you first started taking the pramipexole. Then you tell him, you need to change your med. In case he doesnt know about augmentation, then take some info with you. Also coming off a dopamine med will need a pain med to help you with withdrawals. Good luck, i am sure you will cope well with your appointment. :)

  • Thank you Elisse I was only in the consultation for 5 mins (£175) he changed my meds, was taking 3x 0.088 going back to my docs on Monday. Will update then how it went XXXX :)

  • Flipping heck...!!! 5mins and he made £175. work that out for the whole day. Look forward to your update on Monday and what med you have been given.

  • Let us know what he says

  • It's sickening the amount of money Drs are making of ill and desperate people, absolutely sickening and just highlights the failings of the system.

    Hope the new meds work out for you.

  • was in hospital last week and the Drs made a mess of my meds. i had all of my meds with me but they still got ever thing wrong

  • My doc put me on ferrous sulfate when ferritin was 75 and had me stay on it until over 100. My neurologist switched me to gabapentin 300 to 600 mg at bedtime. I take a break from it every 6 months by tapering for a few weeks. This all helped. Good luck.

  • Ive been going thru the same with my legs, also i have alot of back issues. If you like to know what im on, and information about what my pain doctor has done for me, i would be more then happy to talk to you. I just join like a month ago, i as well am still searching for answer to my leg pain, DDD, arthritis, fusion done to my L5, and i have five disc with two pinch nerves. Let me know, bc i just listed myself following your comments with your health questions.

  • been away for awhile back now, not very good at this but I should make more of an effort! hard for me to open up tend to close myself off, chat soon.

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