The Beat Goes on...with statins

This may be the biggest break through in RLS control in decades, thanks to Jmwe29. Read on and rethink your use of statins. I read that niacin is the only proven substance to reduce cholesterol, somewhat naturally. Unfortunately it has to be the kind that causing flushing.

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  • Thanks, Tcho. Something mentioned in that nextavenue link is so very true- doctors prescribe this poison out of ignorance, then proceed to prescribe more meds for all the side effects- stuff for pain, for memory loss, for RLS, the list goes on. It's called "polypharmacy". And the pathetic thing is that your body desperately needs cholesterol, or your liver wouldn't produce it in the first place. To deprive your body of cholesterol is asking for trouble. If anyone is interested in a serious eye-opener, check out Stupidly long amazon link to a book, How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol and Kill You One Cell at a Time, that tells the whole sordid, documented story of how this poison came to the marketplace in the first place.

    This is by far my biggest soapbox.

  • Just noticed- the guy that wrote the nextavenue article is the guy that wrote that book on that page- Are Your Prescriptions Killing You? This is where I picked up that term, polypharmacy, prescribing meds to treat side effects of other meds. Great read. I'd found it in the library, and ended up buying my own copy to mark up. He has a whole chapter devoted to statins.

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