Yet Another Substance That Raises Dopamine

A man on another website swears by one Oregano oil tablet at night with dinner for his RLS.

Seems that oregano oil might also have antidepressant activity via...DOPAMINE. I wouldn't be surprised if ginger, turmeric, and a few other benign herbs raise dopamine and that's why people on here are feeling better when they drink a cup or two of it. Probably also anti-inflammatory.

2 Replies

  • Just read that oregano oil (has to be the "supercritical' kind) has as an active ingredient, thymquinone which essentially is a "quinolone." And as I reported here before, quinolones can be powerful dopamine agonists.

  • There are also several popular antibiotics that are made from quinolone and maybe that is why some people with RLS report feeling better on some antibiotics.

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