Restless Legs Syndrome
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santa has been

opened all my pressies, had my turkey dinner, had my hot chocolate fudge cake with cream. sat down to relax with my daughter and two grand kids and then......guess feet and legs have fired up.

4-0pm and i am hopping about like a cat on hot tiles. i had one pramipexole at 12-30 ,the other two are due at 4-30 pm. then it will take time for them to work.

was it something i had eaten?? a laugh a minute. pete.

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Guess who was doing the ironing at 3AM on Christmas morning - - - ! The demon is no respecter of the season. The only way to beat him is to (try) to keep in good humour.


happened to me too. was set to go to an event with family and suddenly

it hit me hard and fast so I went to lay down with the help of narcotics and

lyrica.. that was the end of my celebrations again this year. I missed dinner too.

Such a good rest and when I woke up, the pain was less than before. I can

never fully get rid of it. Bless your heart for sharing your story. I really hope that

someone can give good advice. X