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The chemist

My chemist has never got my tablets in stock and when i go to back to pick them up they give me the same line they need to oder the them in even though i odered them in 4 days before. I the have to put up with sleepless nights and its really getting to me now so they have said from the 8 i have 21 days till i can oder more which is the 30th of december and they will be in on the 31st ready to be picked up providing i put the oder in before 11am! SO YOU ALL AS MY WITNESSES. I will let you all know what happens :0(

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Complain to your doctor then the chemists head office, of this fails go to your local trading standards office and tell them you are not satisfied with the service you are getting. If this fails go and take your complaint to CAB to see what they can advise.

Hope you get sorted



I went to pick up my script today as they owed me 30 tablets and gess what they have odered anoth 60 and im to pick them up 2morrow so now i have a supply for over a month but they told me to reoder after 21 days so now i alway have extra. WHERE IS THE COMMON SENCE?

1st they keep me waiting for them and now they oder too much

im not comlaining about the amount as it help me knowing i have a resurve but i wounder can they ever get it right?


You need to speak to a member of staff to make sure that they know your order is going to be an item that is required regularly and will continue to be so until some indefinite date in the future. Then hopefully items you need will be automatically ordered like all the other what must be hundreds items that arrive without problems each week.


Hi Annakalia,

Join the club! I'm just in the process of getting a new prescription and am doing it while I've still got over two weeks' supply of mediciation. This is because I have the same problem. I get queried by the surgery staff but insist the I'm getting the presciption because the chemist hasn't ever got the medicine when I give in a presciption. I usually say that I'm doing it to do them a favour as I can't manage without the pills.

They now see my dilemma and give me the magic bit of paper without question. I find it useful to express things in ways that seem to be making things easier for them!

Please let us know how you get on.

Something else that might buck up the chemist is to let them know a day in advance when you are picking up a presciption. This sometimes works for me.


Nurse-14 XX (I call myself this because I feel that I am often instructing my GP on my treatment!)


Pete-1 they know its a reg thing as ive been doing it for 3 years now between having rip and now pram so i dont undersatnd why they never have it in. I may speek to my docters about it 2morrow but for now im happy as i have too many pram and it will keep me going for a little bit.

How many other ppl have this problem?


3 YEARS. Hmmm, something not quite right there me thinks.

I have had this problem but only for a short time. Fixed by having a quick word and the phamacist making note on their ordering system to be re-ordered regularly.


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