Restless Legs Syndrome

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicines

OK, Trying Cannabis, Do It. I had regular acupuncture treatments,79-94. I wasn't bother by RLS then. I sure am now. I'll start again Thursday, 12/11, being actually punctured again. I also used Chinese Herbal Medicine, Herb teas, kinda spendy, and Chinese Patent Herbal Medicines, pills powders that are less expensive than Herbs and some are highly effective far better than Western Prescription Medications for the conditions I have. Some Chinese Practitioners, and Oriental medicine Doctors(OMD) have a habit of using the word cure in place of treat, Don't let it bother you, Treatments, herbs and Patent Meds will definitely help you. That I can promise you without hesitation.

Western Medicine isn't helping us, time to look elsewhere

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I wonder, what I should expect to have to pay for RLS and Parkinson's disease Chinese treatments. Herbal or otherwise.


Acupuncture treatments are usually available at Acupuncture schools or clinics on a sliding scale. My Medicaid based insurance pays for them free because they're free for Pain and wise practitioners will treat you for Pain and .....

I had a treatment this afternoon. The LAc treated me for Pain and RLS n' problems sleeping. I'm going to go twice next week for next coupla then drop down to once a week, then every two.

I've been having treatments since '79 off n' on, unfortunately too much 'off', with too little 'on, until '91 when I began going to the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

You may not be familiar with the following terminology, however, if your Chi, , is strong or strengthened your body's response to challenges, whether the Flu, or Parkinsons you can't help but do better, so Pete-1, I, Brian Day, recomend you give it a try, Jeez, dude, RLS and Parkinson's, you need to try Paths other than Western Medicine, cuz I know they're not doing a helluva a lot for you other than keeping you broke and just as miserable.

Cannabis, Good Ol' Pot, will certainly give you better quality of life. Eat it, Don't smoke it, 'tis harsh on your lungs, and Oxygen from what I hear is good for you, and also It Does make you feel better. The sky is full of the stuff, Free.

Look up Colleges in your area offering training in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine Education.

It's there.

I've written so much, hoping that the knowledge I've gained will help others.

Look on Page 43 of your Bible Suffering Sucks. I Believe That is the case.

You can see the acupuncture treatment I had has helped me a lot. This posting recommends it highly


Hi BBGuess45,

Thank you for your post regarding the costs of Chinese Drugs and Accupuncture. You seem to live in the USA. So I expect any detail on such costs would be different to us. Drugs from pharmacies in the UK are free for quite a lot of people, thanks to the NHS but Chinese and other herbal treatments would probably not be available via a prescription and so would have to be paid for in full.

In the UK even if you do have to pay for medicines that payment is a flat rate of something like £7.50 even if the drug you are getting is costing thousands of pounds.

Canabis. Hmmmm, never tried eating the stuff and in any case still classed as illegal. If I were to smoke it I would almost certainly start back on tobacco. After 10 years without that would be shame not to mention the cost. 20 fags cost about £8.40, i.e. £3,000 per anum. And if my wife also started again £6,000. I guess that would be around $8,000.


The up side of starting smoking again would be that I would be a happier person. I suppose on balance I'm better off not smoking and continuing being a miserable old git.


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