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Restless Legs Syndrome
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what a night

i cannot believe that i have slept like a log for seven hours, never flinched or turned.......

i had taken my pramipexole on time, one at 1-00, two at 17-00.

my legs and feet had played up most of the evening so i had been on the computer standing up,unable to sit still. went to bed at 11-00 and slept through until 6-00 this morning.

i have relatives staying so i had to sleep on the floor using the chair cushions as a mattress.

i was very tired when i went to bed. but i have had a good nights sleep.

keep taking the tablets, pete.

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Thats good to hear Pete it makes a big difference getting a good sleep

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ha!! spoke too soon, only 3 hours last night. not rls , just unable to get back to sleep.


Im currently taking the same thing and its working for me at the mo crossing fingers i havent spoken too soon. have you had any side affects i find that they make me rather tired for the rest of the day no matter how much sleep i had the night before.

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yes, i find that i am falling asleep, or rather it feels like i am swooning, around breakfast time.

and i have been unable to keep my eyes open while playing bingo at my club.i come round to find everybody waiting for me to come round.........

i swear that it is the pramipexole that is the problem at the loo. even after having a bedet fitted i am unable to keep clean. the doc. advised me not to eat bread????

regards, pete.


You are having sudden falling asleep side effects from the Pramipexole. It has it in the leaflet provided with your med. Gives all the side effects. Please be careful if you are suddenly falling asleep. I would inform your doctor too. I hope you dont drive.

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hi elisse, i was a long distance hgv driver for 43 years, sleeping in the cab most nights, never had a problem with rls then. now i only drive locally or when towing the caravan on holiday. the mind is always active, as are the legs , when driving.

rls fires up if i sit in the car waiting for my wife while shopping, ten minutes is all it takes. then i hav to get out and walk about.

regards, pete


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