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hi everybody, i have been on this site for two weeks now and i am amazed at the problems you all have with rls. i have had rls for about 50years now but only been having medication [pramipexole] for about 8 years. started with one tablet and worked my way up to 3. does not stop the rls but it helps with the sleeping at nights. many years ago i read that every person with rls find their own method of combating the problem, from reading all your posts it seams to be correct.

i do not have rls if i am ill with flu ect. or when in hospital after an operation. i cannot remember having any problems when sleeping in the cab of my truck.

my worst night was a 7 hour night flight back from canada. i had dosed myself up with pain killers before the flight but as soon as the aircraft door was closed my legs fired up. i walked up and down the aircraft all night. was i the first off..........when we landed.

there are a lot of my friends who have rls to different degrees and who take no medication. doctors do not understand the problem. i was lucky to find one who did.

regards pete.

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Welcome to the forum Pete. Yes I also had a horrendous long haul flights to and from Thailand a couple of years ago - pure hell! My GP said if I go on another trip he would prescribe me some strong Valium to knock me out! Love your little dog

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Yes very sensible comments pete. I take a x1 prami if out in the evening which is rare or going on a flight ...only to Spain. And I always make sure my flights/journeys are in the middle of the day, otherwise I could not stay still...we all need to know what suits us. I do not consider long flights. But the combination I use at the moment keeps me in bed at night and I do get some sleep, but it is essential to take them at the right time , spaced out in the evening. starting around 6pm haunted by the years before medication when I existed on adrenaline and always saw the dawn....still see it now but have usually had some


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