Symptoms of RLS

I was diagnosed by my GP with RLS following years of problems with my legs and the inability to keep them still when at rest. However, my symptoms seem not to be the same as described by other sufferers. My problem is primarily pain in my knees which results in constantly having to move my legs and/or stretch them. I am taking Ropinirole which has helped with sleeping. Does anyone else have these symptoms?

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  • Hi suzsull welcome to the forum. I know some people do have pain with their restless legs.Have you been seen at the hospital aboit your knee pain, had xrays etc?It sounds as though you are moving your legs about to ease your knee pain.Does the Ropinirole stop the feeling of needing to move?

  • Hi. I was actually diagnosed with osteoarthritis of both knees at the same time as being diagnosed with RLS. Last November I underwent total knee replacement of the right knee and later this year will have the same for the left knee. I was hoping that this would help with the RLS and for the first 2-3 weeks following surgery I had no symptoms whatsoever and discontinued taking Ropinirole. Unfortunately the symptoms slowly returned so I am back on the medication which I take last thing at night. This helps with sleeping most nights.

  • Oh noooo....just read this very disappointing post. I've had RLS for many years. I suffer from restlessness in both knees. I also need knee replacement. I was hoping once the bad knees go that the RLS would go with them. Now it doesn't seem like that's going to work either.

  • I seem to have a problem similar to yours, pain in the knees mainly but sometimes in the legs as well. And I

    am prone to stretch legs too, especially after sleeping a bit. But my legs also do move. Am now doing very

    well with Pramipexole, the best med I've had for my problem since first aware of RLS three years ago.

    To answer your question, in my opinion RLS can cause pain as well as inclination to move the leg, which can be either one leg or the other but during one night not both. Sometime it is an inclination to move the leg but I think it becomes a "jerk" when it is most severe.

  • Hi, sounds like you and I suffer with the same type of symptoms. Mine usually start early evening when I sit down to relax. I take only 1g Ropinirole at night. Wouldn't want to take it in the evening as it makes me nauseous . I have found moving around and stretching exercises help but don't make the symptoms go away

  • Was on Ropinirole but when had to increase dosage side effects were serious problem. Now have best med yet for RLS, Pramipexole.

  • Yes me! I have this stretching thing all over my body it drive me crazy I am waiting a knee replacement too doc put me on sleeping tabs for a couple of weeks they have helped but got to go to see her tomorrow she won't give me anymore she said so don't know what else ican have instead I also taking co codamol codeine and mirtazipine x

  • Stretching does help but sometimes I don't feel that I can stretch enough. I take codeine as well as Ropinirole but sometimes it doesn't help at all. My son has the same problem and he thinks that certain foods trigger the symptoms but I haven't noticed this with me.

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