Hi All, having pain at the back of my knees?

I am taking pramipexole 0.088mg 3 tablets a night and its keeping the rls at bay but im finding that when I go down on my knees ( which i have to do a lot as i have a 1 year old) to get back up is agony and my knees and legs aching thoughout the day is this because of the tablets? or something else I should be asking the doc about.?

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  • It's probably weak quad muscles (forgive me for being blunt) Those are the squatting muscles.

  • I dont think its that as I didnt have that problem before taking the medication. And I have been kneeling down to my children all there life ( I belive that you should talk to them on their level) I have 3 children aged 9, 8 and 15 months. ( not only kneeling down to there level but playing on the floor with them and having to pick up after them Ive been doing all there lives and not once had this problem.

  • Wow I bet that's painfull too

  • Pips had left that's a shame nice lady so helpfull caring

  • If this has only happened since you started on mirapex it is likely to be related.i have heard this before ,is it mentioned on the side effects on the patient information leaflet? Best to get it checked out Anna.we all react in different ways to meds.Hope it isn't the Mirapex as it is working so well for your RLS x

  • Well I'm in pian all the time Iv had all the Brian drugs And now I'm on loranzapam and licra But I will tell you Iv got pian in legs , arms back and face it's horrible What a life Idont do face book RLS for 9 years xxx

  • Thanks for all your suppoert im making an appointment 2morrow and hoefully the docters can help.

  • Interesting. I take 0.50 mg Pramipexole TID, often QID. My legs hurt sharply behind my knees. We've thought, my caregiver and I, that the wound on my knee cap was the cause of the Pain.

    It is very severe Pain until I stand up and stretch the leg. Hmm, Are there other Night Dancers out there who experience the same symptom?

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