Restless Legs Syndrome
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Zolpidem 10mg

In desperation I filled out an online prescription to my surgery requesting Zolpidem just until my next appointment....I'd taken these (Stilnox) a long while ago but didn't think you could get them over here. Only when I was trawling through information for Insomnia did I come across them....I used Stilnox years ago, and tolerated them pretty well....I have sleep onset insomnia so thought these would be a good option...

So chanced it and asked for these instead of Zoplicone and stated the reson why I wanted to change the sleeping pills....(I'm off to Glasgow (Scotland) next week and was dreading it as I'm staying with relations)

Anyway, they must have felt bad about turning me away the other day 'cause I got them!!!! Yehhh

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