Restless Legs Syndrome
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Neurologist at last!

After waiting 7 months for an appointment yesterday I finally seen a neurologist about my legs driving me insane! He was a great doctor and has said that it is likely RLS and is convinced that my problem is caused by dopamine imbalance as opposed to something more physical. However, he is very reluctant to prescribe me anything at all probably for a long time because I'm only 17 and sent for MORE bloods (I've had about 20 blood tests in the past 18 months, due to this problem and others). Happy to have finally made some progress but really struggling to see how I can cope in the near future because this is ruining my life

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Hi , glad you have finally seen the Neurologist and that he has ordered some tests.However just because you are young you shouldn't be expected to just put up with it! I know you suffer severely with restless legs .I can understand maybe he wouldn't want you to go on the dopamine meds but maybe one of the pain killers to try.Perhaps you could ask about this next time you see him or your GP.Some find even codeine helps take the edge off. Good luck ..pipps


Hi again P1pp1ns Well It doesn't look as if I'm seeing a neurologist any time soon. Had a phone conversation this morning from my G.P. who says he has spoken to the Nuero about my case and they have decided that Clonazapam may help. I'm to be prescribed a very small dose to begin with and then build up as necessary. However I already take Temazepam so isn't this just doubling up on the same sort of drug or am I mistaken in that? He said I could still take 20mg of Tramadol which I must say has helped . I have actually been able to sit still for about 2hrs watching T.V before the usual sensations kick in, but for me that's wonderful. Let you know how the Clonazapam works. Anyone else out there take them? Take careXX


Hi Bedith, I have not tried Clomaxapam myself so cant give you any personal experience of it but I have heard of many people getting good results with it.From what I have read it was the very first med to be used to treat RLS.Ot promotes sleep but is also a muscle relaxant and helps with anxiety.I hope combined with the Tramadol it really helps you get some rest.Glad you getting some relief in the evenings Bedith I know you have been struggling with RLS for many, many years.Good luck ket us know how you go with it Take care ..pipps x


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