Restless Legs Syndrome

Fighting Sleep

I know this might sound weird, but maybe someone else can relate.

Sometimes, after tossing and turning and kicking and flailing and clenching and writhing and finally taking enough medicine to take the edge off and get some sleep, instead of actually going to sleep, I like to just lay there in bed for as long as I can, basking, enjoying the supremely pleasant sensation of normal feeling legs that can sit still and not need to move all about.

Anyone else do that?

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Yes! It's such bliss especially after a painful session.

However I have also experienced the opposite. Some nights I go to bed, legs don't play up & I lie there waiting for them to start!!


Cant say i do ookla, if my legs are quiet i will myself to get to sleep as quickly as possible. Knowing i will probably wake in an hr, i want as many zzzzzz as i can get. :D


Omg ookla YES ! I thought I was the only one ! X

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I spent the first weeks after I got my morphine pump sitting in my sofa for hours, just because I could!


By the time my head hits the pillow (if I take a drug) I am so exhausted that I sleep hard instantly. In my sleep study that I did very recently, I was so tired that I skipped all stages of sleep and went into deep sleep almost immediately. It lasted 14 mins. The rest of the time I was really struggling with cameras and having my brain being recorded. I have something in the back of my brain that forgets to breathe sometimes but I am not bad enough to use a ccap. I held my breath for 1.5 mins before I took another breath.


I sometimes do after taking medication for PD.


Ah... Yes! I get that feeling when I wake up after maybe just getting a few hours sleep. People who do not have RLS have no idea what that's like to just lie and appreciate the fact that thay are not tossing and turning every few seconds for hours on end!


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