Restless Legs Syndrome
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One Lousy Antacid

I'm laying here and my legs are going crazy but thankfully not my body. I figured it was something I ate or the amount or timing...rather late evening. I thought I'll just wait it out eventually the food will digest. Then I remembered I took a Zantac antacid before my Mexican dinner. I'm not waiting 12 hours for it to wear off. I'm taking an iron pill and going to sleep. One lousy pill that's all it takes. What if I didn't know and took it every day as my GI doc would like me to do?

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Oh dear! Hope you have since managed to get some sleep..I know how you must's 3:15AM....funny thing which has just started happening..... Instead of my RLS starting early on in the evening, and getting better once. I go to bed... they now begin once I'm in bed...and get worse and worse till I have to get up!


Yes, I do sleep ok now that I do my best not to take any of the forbidden medicines or overeat or over-exercise. The RLS keeps us on our pun intended. You'll get there too Eileen. Be patient and analytical. Why do you think the timing of your RLS has shifted.


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