Restless Legs Syndrome
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I'll try anything

I've had 5 years of being given stuff such as diazepam, Xanax, victan and also anti-depressants , most of which have made RLS worse. Since I'm now off cancer meds I'd like to wean myself off the rest. So I'll try anything. I take Victan to sleep but have insomnia - so that doesn't work and

I'm not upping the dosage (I'm spaced out enough). Then my husband said he remembered his mother making a tea of orange blossom flowers. Got some in herbal shop. They're dried. Add boiling water to a dessertspoon-full. Let it steep for 4 mins. I did take the Victan as well but i got 8 hours sleep. Anyone else know of this?

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Never heard of it but love natual things so will give it a go! Thanks for sharing & hope the weaning off drugs goes well.

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Hi, really pleased you got a full 8 hours sleep ! Bet you will be steeping those blossom flowers again tonight.Have you actually had any meds prescribed specifically for your RLS rather than sleepers or anxiety and depression meds? Great news you are off cancer meds x


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