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RLS-UK need your ideas!

RLS-UK need your ideas!

We are redesigning our website (, adding lots of new content and features, and have lots of ideas on what we think should be included.

Have you any thoughts on what you would like to see updated/included in the new site? We need your ideas too!

Rather than comment below, we would appreciate if you could visit our Facebook page ( and provide your ideas there and/or to 'like' other ideas, as it will allow us to easily see what you want us to include.

Thank you.

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We need a clear, obvious place where new people, and others also, can find the list of DRUGS and FOODS to Avoid, like the one on Sometimes it is very easy to see where your problem might be if you can see that list. It would be nice to have that category, if we don't, re "things that will make your RLS worse".


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