Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have had pmr since last Oct. down to 4 mg of pred, lots of side effects.on the rls, I take 1000mg, also while visiting my GP,she had an elderly lady who said she used a bar of Ivory or Dove bar of soap in her bed, she put it under her bottom sheet. I tried it, it worked , been there for 5 years. I don't know why it works, unless it is the calming scent.

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I've heard the same but with a steel knife. Think it is just fairy tales.


In desperation, quite some time ago I tried the bar of soap, it was any soap, twice. The first time "it worked", the second time it did not so I put it down to fluke and did not bother again. ;)

On reflection, I cannot actually believe that I tried it, but I did. :$


The soap thing, is probably a placebo effect. Its been around for years. I also tried it, when i saw it mentioned somewhere. It didnt do a thing for my RLS. As RLS is neurological, then cant see that soap in your bed can help. But, if it is working for you, then hey ho...! :)


I've been using the soap under my sheet for the past two nights also, too soon to tell with the RLS, but I have noticed I no longer have an issue with mosquito or spider bites. and I have to agree that the scent is calming.


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