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RLS and Parkinson's

I have always understood there is no link between the 2 conditions.

Last week I finally plucked up the courage to visit my GP to ask for an alternative to Ropinerole. However she watched me walk into her consulting room and was more concerned about my gait.

I was aware I had a bit of a limp but put it down to my knee replacement 8 months ago

She referred me to a neurologist who I saw on Saturday who examined me and has ordered an MRI scan because I am showing some early symptoms of Parkinson's.

I am shattered by this. To be honest I feel like burying my head in the sand and not attending the scan because I don't want to hear this. As far as I am concerned, I don't have any symptoms other than the way I am walking. I read that Parkinson's can be treated but the treatment only treats the symptoms and doesn't slow the onslaught of the disease.

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Hi Scottie99 now you got me worried as I am doing a bit of limping some days after my half knee replacement end of May ,so that sounds a bit strange prob still some reaction to your knee op ( here's hoping ) otherwise there would be a few of us with the start of Parkinson's if we have a limp ? Please keep us informed


I call it a limp, but my wife calls it a shuffle.

When you look up early symptoms of Parkinson's, it's well documented


Thinking of you and sending love. A traumatic visit to the docs. Try to be positive. It may not be PD.And if it is there are treatment options as others have said. Good


One positive outcome of a Parkinson diagnosis- is that there is a lot more research on Parkinsonia.

There are also many treatment options- depending on the type and your constitution!

I appreciate the shock to your psyche- all I can say is to go with it and do your research.

Really hope you get some confort from the neurologist.


I have problems with my walking too but think its just a worn out body. I attended my GP one day and he said to me I looked like a person with Parkinsons! I'd imagine there would have to be some link as the same drugs can treat and they are both neurological movement disorders.

DON'T BURY YOUR HEAD - there are ways to treat this IF, and there is no definitive proof yet, you have it.

Good luck.


I hope they find its not Parkinson's you are starting to now suffer with. People with PD, can sometimes go on to suffer with RLS. But its not usually the other way round.

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Hi Scottie,

I really feel for you. It must have been an awful shock when your GP mentioned your gait at your appointment and that you may be showing early signs of Parkinsons especially when that was probably the last thing on your mind and you had gone in to ask for an alternative to Ropinirole. I too, like Elisse, hope it is not found to be Parkinson's.

Chin up, go for the scan, you know you are always welcome to chat to us on here, Scottie.


Go for all the tests on offer, scottie. It's often the not knowing and wondering and worrying that cause the most stress. If you get good news (there are lots of reasons for your symptoms) your mind will be put at rest. I had MRI scan for tingling, rls and tremor and it came back clear. Immediately felt better! If you do get a diagnosis you'll get all the right treatment to support you. It's always best to deal with facts. All the best to you.


I did decide to go for the scans. Last week I attended the SPECT scan.

Yesterday the Neurologist called to say it was negative. I definitely do not have Parkinson's!

I don't mind saying, I broke down at the relief on hearing the news.


Hi Scottie, so now you can relax and know that you do NOT have Parkinson's. :)


Elise, thanks for your reply.

Interestingly, because I had augmentation with Ropinerole, my neurologist put me on Pregabalin.

I have managed to cut the Ropinerole from 4 x 1 mg, down to 1.5 or 2, whilst talking 100mg x2 of Pregabalin

Just overjoyed at the result of my SPECT scan😀😀😀


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